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1. Of or relating to the earth or its inhabitants.
2. Biology Living or growing on land or on or in the ground; not aquatic, arboreal, or epiphytic: terrestrial mammals; terrestrial apes; terrestrial orchids.
3. Astronomy Similar to the planet earth in size or composition: terrestrial planets.
4. Transmitted from structures on the earth and not involving satellites: terrestrial radio.
5. Archaic Of or relating to the earth rather than heaven.
An inhabitant of the earth.

[Middle English, from Latin terrestris, from terra, earth; see ters- in Indo-European roots.]

ter·res′tri·al·ly adv.
ter·res′tri·al·ness n.
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Adv.1.terrestrially - in a worldly manner; "terrestrially changeable"
2.terrestrially - to a land environment; "terrestrially adapted"
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The channel has been transmitting in Standard Definition in Benin, both terrestrially and by satellite.
Under the multi-year agreement, financial details of which were not available, Intelsat will provide SpeedCast access to Intelsat's global C-band and Ku-band satellite capacity as well as to its terrestrially managed network, IntelsatOne.
30 years ago, delivering even a megabit/second of data terrestrially cost as much as $10,000 - $20,000 per month per station.
GBI offers connectivity from Europe to all of the Gulf countries via the Mediterranean, Egypt and the Red Sea, or terrestrially via Turkey and Iraq.
GBI is the only operator to offer seamless connectivity from Europe to all of the Gulf countries via the Mediterranean, Egypt and the Red Sea, or terrestrially via Turkey and Iraq.
Channel 4 willnextyear take over coverageof the Grand National, Royal Ascot, the Derby and BritishChampionsDayafter beating the BBC to win exclusiverights t oteleviseBritish racing terrestrially between 2013and2016.
The event will be televised terrestrially with an international highlights programme also planned.
The methodology for implementation of digital TV terrestrially has already been formulated, added Dr Rais.
In the same conference, it was confirmed that the under 20 World Cup is set to be broadcasted terrestrially on Egyptian public channels.
AIDAAS is essentially DVB-S (digital video broadcast-satellite) transmitting terrestrially on a comparatively low power consumption, which makes it environmentally safer than other existing technologies.
Professor Tony van Eyken, Director of EISCAT, said: "Broadcasting an advert extra terrestrially is a big and exciting step for everyone on Earth as up until now we have only tended to listen for incoming transmissions.
As these clumsy tetrapods slowly became more mobile and terrestrially comfortable, their efforts to move more efficiently became an evolutionary force.