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1. In a terrible manner: terribly wounded.
2. Extremely; very I'm terribly sorry.
3. To a great extent; very much: Would you mind terribly if I opened the window?


1. in a terrible manner
2. (intensifier): you're terribly kind.


(ˈtɛr ə bli)

1. in a terrible manner.
2. extremely; very: It's terribly late. I'm terribly sorry.


1. 'terrible'

The adjective terrible is used in two ways. In conversation and in less formal writing, you use it to say that something is very unpleasant or of very poor quality.

I know this has been a terrible shock to you.
His eyesight was terrible.

In writing or conversation, you use terrible to say that something is very shocking or distressing.

That was a terrible air crash last week.
2. 'terribly'

The adverb terribly is sometimes used for emphasizing how shocking or distressing something is.

My son has suffered terribly. He has lost his best friend.
The wound bled terribly.

However, terribly is much more commonly used as a stronger word than 'very' or 'very much'.

I'm terribly sorry.
We all miss him terribly and are desperate for him to come home.
It's a terribly dull place.

Be Careful!
Don't use 'terribly' like this in formal writing.

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Adv.1.terribly - used as intensifiers; "terribly interesting"; "I'm awful sorry"
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
2.terribly - in a terrible mannerterribly - in a terrible manner; "she sings terribly"


1. very much, greatly, very, much, dreadfully, seriously, extremely, gravely, desperately, thoroughly, decidedly, awfully (informal), exceedingly He has suffered terribly in losing his best friend.
2. extremely, very, much, greatly, dreadfully, seriously, desperately, thoroughly, decidedly, awfully (informal), exceedingly I'm terribly sorry to bother you at this hour.
3. badly, poorly, dreadfully, incompetently, awfully, appallingly, dismally, pitifully, abysmally, atrociously, diabolically (informal), inexpertly, execrably We played terribly that day, and didn't deserve to win.
بِشَكْلٍ مُرَوِّعبصورَةٍ فَظيعَهجِدّا
ægilegaákaflega, óskaplega
rất tệ


[ˈterəblɪ] ADV
1. (= extremely) [worried, difficult, important] → terriblemente, tremendamente
it's terribly good/bades buenísimo/malísimo
it's terribly hard for me to make a decisionme resulta dificilísimo or terriblemente difícil tomar una decisión
he's been terribly illha estado terriblemente enfermo, ha estado fatal
I'm terribly sorrylo siento muchísimo
we aren't doing terribly well at the momentahora no nos va muy bien que digamos
he plays the piano a little, not terribly welltoca un poco el piano, no excesivamente bien
there's something terribly wrong hereaquí hay algo que va realmente mal
a practical joke which had gone terribly wronguna broma que había tenido unos resultados terribles
2. (= very much)
I miss him terriblyle echo muchísimo de menos
to suffer terriblysufrir horrores, pasarlo fatal
3. (= very poorly) [play, perform, behave] → muy mal, fatal


[ˈtɛrɪbli] adv
(= very much) [suffer, worry] → terriblement; [injured, hurt] → très gravement; [disappointed] → terriblement
She missed him terribly → Il lui manquait terriblement.
He suffered terribly → Il souffrait terriblement.
(= very badly) [play, sing] → affreusement mal
(mainly British) (= very) [important, funny] → extrêmement
I'm terribly sorry
BUT Je suis vraiment désolé.


(= very) important, difficultschrecklich (inf); disappointed, sorryfurchtbar; (= very much) sufferfürchterlich, furchtbar; I’m not terribly good with moneyich kann nicht besonders gut mit Geld umgehen; I miss him terriblyich vermisse ihn ganz furchtbar
(= badly) behaveschrecklich, furchtbar; play, singschrecklich, fürchterlich


[ˈtɛrəblɪ] adv (very) → tremendamente, terribilmente; (very badly, play, sing) → malissimo


(ˈterəbl) adjective
1. very bad. a terrible singer; That music is terrible!
2. causing great pain, suffering, hardship etc. War is terrible; It was a terrible disaster.
3. causing great fear or horror. The noise of the guns was terrible.
ˈterribly adverb
1. very. She is terribly clever.
2. in a terrible way. Does your leg hurt terribly?


بِشَكْلٍ مُرَوِّع hrozně frygteligt schrecklich τρομερά terriblemente kauhean affreusement grozno terribilmente ひどく 무섭게 vreselijk grusomt strasznie terrivelmente ужасно fruktansvärt อย่างเลวร้าย aşırı derecede rất tệ 十分
References in classic literature ?
Sometimes it seemed to her that to be held tightly and kissed was the whole secret of life, and then a new impulse came and she was terribly afraid.
I knew my hands would ache terribly if I went near a fire.
Mam'selle Pauline was terribly excited; the flush that throbbed into her pale, nervous face showed it; and she locked her thin fingers in and out incessantly.
He was terribly short with anything of that kind, and if people were all right to HIM--"
I say this continual smoking must have been one cause, at least, of his peculiar disposition; for every one knows that this earthly air, whether ashore or afloat, is terribly infected with the nameless miseries of the numberless mortals who have died exhaling it; and as in time of the cholera, some people go about with a camphorated handkerchief to their mouths; so, likewise, against all mortal tribulations, Stubb's tobacco smoke might have operated as a sort of disinfecting agent.
Of course my shoeless foot suffered dreadfully; the hoof was broken and split down to the very quick, and the inside was terribly cut by the sharpness of the stones.
My poor dear Isabella," said he, fondly taking her hand, and interrupting, for a few moments, her busy labours for some one of her five children"How long it is, how terribly long since you were here
I went back to Magdalen, and found her quieter and better, though terribly pale and exhausted, and oppressed, as I fancied, by thoughts which she could not prevail on herself to communicate.
On the ground-floor is Peggotty's kitchen, opening into a back yard; with a pigeon-house on a pole, in the centre, without any pigeons in it; a great dog- kennel in a corner, without any dog; and a quantity of fowls that look terribly tall to me, walking about, in a menacing and ferocious manner.
Some of his teeth had failed him since I saw him eat on the marshes, and as he turned his food in his mouth, and turned his head sideways to bring his strongest fangs to bear upon it, he looked terribly like a hungry old dog.
Now once more I was terribly afraid, for I thought that they would catch me, or I must run for my life again.
For the rich and the poor to marry is to risk, terribly risk, the very thing they would marry for --their love.