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Living on or in the ground: terricolous worms.

[From Latin terricola, earth-dweller : terra, earth; see ters- in Indo-European roots + -cola, -colous.]


(Botany) living on or in the soil
[C19: from Latin terricola, from terra earth + colere to inhabit]


(tɛˈrɪk ə ləs)

living on or in the ground.
[1825–35; < Latin terri-, comb. form of terra earth + -colous]
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In these environments the terricolous species use the soil and leaf litter as a breeding place during the non-flooded period and migrate later to tree trunks and regions of the forest canopy, where they remain during the flood periods (Adis & Mahnert, 1990a; Adis, 1997; Mahnert & Adis, 2002).
Lignicolous (log), corticolous (Pinus slrobus cone); terricolous.
According to the classification of lichens [4, 41], we identified 29 genera of lichens, 12 families and 6 orders 63 epiphytic species and 5 terricolous species (3 genera of Cladonia and 2 genera of Roccella) were inventoried (Fig.
When it is not feasible to use VM nets, any other method that allows overlapping at least two nets (sampling up to 4-5 m in height), such as articulated PVC (Meyers and Pardieck, 1993) or even long bamboo poles, would already help make the sampling less selective towards terricolous species.
It is often disregarded since it is limited to special habitats and taxonomic expertise is insufficient; usually only a limited number of the larger and more conspicuous terricolous thallophyte species is included in releve species lists.
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This cyanobacterial lichen is mainly terricolous, with a thick thallus and submural spores.
Water distribution within terricolous lichens revealed by scanning electron microscopy and its relevance in soil crust ecology.