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Noun1.territorial division - a district defined for administrative purposesterritorial division - a district defined for administrative purposes
borough - one of the administrative divisions of a large city
canton - a small administrative division of a country
city - an incorporated administrative district established by state charter; "the city raised the tax rate"
commune - the smallest administrative district of several European countries
country, land, state - the territory occupied by a nation; "he returned to the land of his birth"; "he visited several European countries"
county - (United States) the largest administrative district within a state; "the county plans to build a new road"
county palatine - the territory of a count palatine
department - the territorial and administrative division of some countries (such as France)
district, territorial dominion, territory, dominion - a region marked off for administrative or other purposes
federal district - a district set apart as the seat of government of a federation
reservation, reserve - a district that is reserved for particular purpose
school district - a district whose public schools are administered together
shire - a former administrative district of England; equivalent to a county
municipality - an urban district having corporate status and powers of self-government
prefecture - the district administered by a prefect (as in France or Japan or the Roman Empire)
province, state - the territory occupied by one of the constituent administrative districts of a nation; "his state is in the deep south"
township, town - an administrative division of a county; "the town is responsible for snow removal"
ward - a district into which a city or town is divided for the purpose of administration and elections
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Contract notice: determination of the minimum biological flow rate for the hydraulic structures of the north-east territorial division of voies navigables de france
The Turkmen Parliament has introduced amendments in the administrative and territorial division of Ashgabat city, Turkmenistan State News Agency reported.
He warned of the division of countries in the region including Iraq, noting that some Western leaders believe that their problems can be resolved in the region through the territorial division of the regional countries; stressing that it is a vision completely wrong and it should defend by all force for national unity and territorial integrity of Iraq.
The Minister for Local Affairs also stated that the principle of positive discrimination was adopted in the territorial division, which he described as "complex".
The referendum for territorial division marked the beginning of the defeat of SDSM, LDP and the coalition.
Yet, the country has difficulties with formalization of the state borders with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan over different documents on administrative and territorial division of former Soviet Union republics chosen by the countries for delimitation of the borders.
The referendum will have four questions that are against the NLA member and the Law on Territorial Division of 2005.
Three of these questions are related to the former NLA fighters and against the amnesty of the Hague cases and one is in relation to the Law on Territorial Division, for which a referendum was already held back in 2005.
Also, during the referendum on Macedonia's territorial division, the Ministry of Defense organized telephone voting with which the Government got support.
President Kurmanbek Bakiev signed the law on administrative and territorial division of the Kyrgyz Republic today.
According to Musa Xhaferi, Deputy Prime Minister for the Implementation of the Framework Agreement, this Agreement represents the most important investment in the country's peace and stability, which removed the possibility of ethnic and territorial division and promoted tolerance and equality among the peoples of Macedonia.
Since the begining of the talks on border delimitation in 1999, the state border was determined based on the existing administrative and territorial division.

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