terry towel

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Noun1.terry towel - a bath towel with rough loose pileterry towel - a bath towel with rough loose pile  
bath towel - a large towel; to dry yourself after a bath
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CC 8465-000040 Line Bedding Nos 2CD 8430-000539 Slipper Rubber Black S/8 Prs 3 CC 8530-000003 Blades Safety Razor MK II Pkt 4 CC CL1NIV-32 Terry Towel Light Blue
Egyptians met with All Pakistan Textile Manufacturers Association members and developed a mutual understanding for import of fabric, yarn, terry towel, cotton, finished goods, mattress protector, mattresses and pillows.
Following coordination with IOCO (Input-Output Coefficient Organization), TMA had been working for enhancement of duty drawback rates of terry towel for the last two years and conducted requisite survey of various factory premises by the IOCO team and collection of all relevant data provided to IOCO team and preparation of work sheets based on the data collected were submitted in F.
8 Double Take Don't leave home without a matching beach bag ($176) and plush terry towel ($58) in the funky new Palmetto print with Trina Turk logo.
The No-Wet liquid is then wiped off with a soft terry towel, without damaging the surface.
The No-Wet liquid is then gently removed by wiping the area with a soft terry towel, without any damage to the surface.
For hot surfaces like welding operations, thick, strong weaves such as a ribbed corduroy, denim or terry towel fabrics provide strength and protection for hands.
Talib Brothers Chief Executive Mian Talib Hussain said that we are already exporting Pakistan Terry Towel looms and new shuttleless looms would also be exported.
I ain't busted a bead nowhere, as dry as when my honey wiped me down this morning with that terry towel and called me love, called me sweetness.
Next, thoroughly spray off the car, then wipe it dry with a clean chamois or cotton terry towel.
TERRY TOWEL IN: Steven Gerrard has enjoyed a great season and having seen off John Terry's Chelsea he will be keen to finish the job against the Hammers