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Noun1.terrycloth - a pile fabric (usually cotton) with uncut loops on both sides; used to make bath towels and bath robes
cloth, fabric, textile, material - artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers; "the fabric in the curtains was light and semitransparent"; "woven cloth originated in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC"; "she measured off enough material for a dress"
toweling, towelling - any of various fabrics (linen or cotton) used to make towels
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Our hotel partner is at the adjacent La Casa del Zorro, an elegant luxury hotel that is rich in history," the spokesperson said, adding that rooms are well-appointed and feature tile floors, marble bathrooms, a fireplace and vaulted ceilings in addition to terrycloth robes, slippers, coffeemakers with premium coffee and large flat panel TVs.
With a weight of 100gsm and the exceptional density of the microfilaments, towels made from Evolon are ultra-light and take up five times less space than terrycloth towels.
After stoning three walls symbolizing Satan in a rejection of sin and temptation, male pilgrims changed out of the seamless terrycloth robes of pilgrimage and shaved their heads, as a sign of renewal.
Though there was no respite from the boiling heat for much of the day, pilgrims were a little easier because they were able to change out of ihram or ceremonial terrycloth into their normal clothes.
Perhaps the paper napkin issue warranted the awarding of three-and-a-half stars instead of four, but I found the individual terrycloth hand towels in the restroom a pleasant touch.
Dry the surface with a terrycloth or chamois towel.
Moreover, it will be competitively priced and made from soft and absorbent terrycloth or similar materials, adding to its appeal.
The kit includes a headache relief cream and a special pad made from terrycloth cotton and processed corn kernel that is able to hold temperatures for long periods of time.
Our silicone wristband has a white sticker for your name and phone number, while the Velcro and terrycloth wristbands have a personal ID insert.
window again, maybe wearing her terrycloth bathrobe.
Men dress in seamless white terrycloth garments meant to symbolize the equality of mankind and a return to God.
In addition to the neonatal intensive care unit and a gynecological/pediatric surgery unit, the center housed the mother/baby unit, which featured upgraded linens, a complementary terrycloth robe for the new mother and "chef-prepared meals when [patients] want them, just like room service," according to an article in Arkansas Medical News.