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adj, n
(Zoology) another word for tertiary5, tertiary6
[C19: from Latin tertius third, from ter thrice, from trēs three]


(ˈtɜr ʃəl)

1. pertaining to any of a set of flight feathers situated on the basal segment of a bird's wing.
2. a tertial feather.
[1830–40; < Latin terti(us) third + -al1]
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Similarly the frequency and extent of tertial and rectrix replacement was greater in some species, particularly those that replaced more greater coverts (Table 2).
After adjustment for baseline and then time varying factors (year of treatment; tertial of lead-time category, baseline SOFA score category, and baseline APACHE IV risk of death category), there was a progressive increase in the mortality risk associated with iHD.
Tertial cutoffs that divided the data set into equal thirds by magnitude of the MI were then defined.
55% Neubaum (2005) 35% three-year CAGR Gundry & high-growth > 23% two-year Tertial split Welsch (2001) oriented average growth/<= 5% two-year average growth Sexton, Pricer high-growth Top quartile > 22.
Scaderea relativa si absoluta a volumului populatiei ocupate nu doar in agricultura, ci si in industria propriuzisa, in racord cu cresterile relativa si absoluta ale populatiei ocupate in sectoarele tertial si cuaternar.
managing director and subsequently CEO of Icade Tertial (developer); in 2004
Lack of a white tertial step, long legs, and a pale mantle, long black primaries and blotchy chest and crown, all helped to confirm the i.
The male Falcated Duck has an iridescent green head and face, a white collar around its neck and distinctive long, sickle-shaped tertial feathers that form a prominent bustle when the wings are folded.
Primaries and primary coverts are numbered from the innermost (primary 1) to the outermost (primary 9 or 10), secondaries and the greater coverts are numbered from the outermost (secondary 1) to the innermost tertial, and rectrices are numbered from the central pair (rectrix 1) to the outermost pair (rectrix 5 or 6).
In connection with the preparation of Hydro's offer to shareholders in Saga Petroleum to exchange the outstanding shares of Saga for shares in Hydro, Hydro has prepared this tertial report for the first four months of 1999.
Ollila, "although not necessarily as strongly as during the first tertial due to increasingly competitive market conditions.