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n. Abbr. T
The SI-derived unit of magnetic flux density, equal to the magnitude of the magnetic field vector necessary to produce a force of one newton on a charge of one coulomb moving perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field vector with a velocity of one meter per second. It is equivalent to one weber per square meter. See Table at measurement.

[After Nikola Tesla.]


(Biography) Nikola (ˈnɪkələ). 1857–1943, US electrical engineer and inventor, born in Smiljan, now in Croatia. His inventions include a transformer, generators, and dynamos


(Units) the derived SI unit of magnetic flux density equal to a flux of 1 weber in an area of 1 square metre. Symbol: T
[C20: named after Nikola Tesla]


(ˈtɛs lə)

n., pl. -las.
a unit of magnetic induction equal to one weber per square meter. Abbr.: T
[1955–60; after N. Tesla]


(ˈtɛs lə)

Nikola, 1856–1943, U.S. physicist, electrical engineer, and inventor, born in Croatia.
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Noun1.tesla - a unit of magnetic flux density equal to one weber per square meter
flux density unit - a measure of the amount of flux per unit of cross sectional area
gauss - a unit of magnetic flux density equal to 1 maxwell per square centimeter
2.Tesla - United States electrical engineer and inventor (born in Croatia but of Serbian descent) who discovered the principles of alternating currents and developed the first alternating-current induction motor and the Tesla coil and several forms of oscillators (1856-1943)
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