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The prevailing range of a vocal or instrumental part, within which most of the tones lie.

[Italian, from Latin textūra, web, structure; see texture.]


1. (Classical Music) the general pitch level of a piece of vocal music: an uncomfortably high tessitura.
2. (Classical Music) the compass or range of a voice
[Italian: texture, from Latin textura; see texture]


(ˌtɛs ɪˈtʊər ə)

n., pl. -tu•ras, -tu•re (-ˈtʊər eɪ)
the general pitch level or average range of a vocal or instrumental part in a musical composition.
[1890–95; < Italian: literally, texture < Latin textūra; see texture]
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Soprano Elena Monti sang and acted Adina with energy and flair but at some points, it was obvious her tessitura had seen better days.
As for the vocal writing, it displays Paulus's faultless instincts both for setting text and for crafting grateful vocal lines, although the tessitura of some of these songs is unkind.
Sabe-se que os exercicios de vibracao de lingua trazem beneficios a qualidade vocal [3,8,9,15,16] e que o treino com variacoes tonais e utilizado nos aquecimentos vocais de ensaios, com o intuito de se aumentar a tessitura vocal para o canto.
The idea occurred to the organizations because they're already part of an arts consortium that uses the same ticketing service, Tessitura.
The average horn tessitura is c'-g", with a few extra notes on either end overall.
though some of the lowest notes in the score's wide-ranging tessitura lacked depth of tone.
Directed at the beginning to play "with great verve," the bass trombonist encounters passages of wide tessitura (GG to bl), dense rhythmic textures (many extended phrases in dotted sixteenths and thirty-seconds) and a preponderance of disjunct melodic writing.
The high baritone tessitura of Roderick Usher is the same as Pelleas's.
New exhibitors include Davide Medri, Omnitech and Tessitura Corte.
Online sales will also be put on hold, as the box office switches to a new system A theatre spokeswoman said: "Following many months of groundwork Venue Cymru will switch to the new ticketing system, Tessitura.
So we upgraded the old system to a newer version of Tessitura, the best box office system in the world.
There was some excellent work from the wind sections, including lovely solos from woodwinds, but the string section too rose to the challenge of a large amount of stark, high tessitura writing that could so easily have exposed weak tuning and ensemble.