test bed

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Noun1.test bed - a place equipped with instruments for testing (e.g. engines or machinery or computer programs etc.) under working conditions
workplace, work - a place where work is done; "he arrived at work early today"
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Harris Corporation today announced that it has received final certification of its FTI National Test Bed located at the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) William J.
The IP Team is an engineering and management team that oversees and coordinates the OGC Interoperability Program's Interoperability Initiatives, which include test beds, pilot projects and interoperability experiments.
The engine has completed 14 flights and a total of 24 flying hours on the converted A340-300 flying test bed based in Toulouse.
Since the first Trent 500 ran in May 1999, seven development engines have achieved a total of more than 1,700 test bed hours.
NRL is also a Principal Federal Agency Member of the Advanced Technology Demonstration Network (ATDnet), a high-performance networking test bed in the Washington D.
In conjunction with the delivery, Boeing completed a number of modifications to the Flying Test Bed.
Integrating avionics systems on a flying test bed will reduce the need for sensor flights during the Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) phase of the program.
Providing a test bed for the full spectrum of hardware, processes and services needed to assemble an effective next-generation delivery platform, GMI 2006 was designed to validate MSF Release 3 Implementation Agreements covering a wide range of topics including roaming across multiple network types (including cellular and WiFi), QoS issues (including session border control and bandwidth management), and interoperability with 3GPP release 4.
Testing the Raptor's advanced avionics aboard the company's test bed will help reduce risk, as well as cut back on future F-22 flight test hours by enabling extensive in-flight testing, evaluation and troubleshooting before full avionics suites are installed on F-22 fighters.
The mobile test bed is another version of the bus shell that will be equipped with a front and rear suspension system, wheel motors, a generator and an engine mounted on the rear of the structure.
The 737 aircraft, also known as the "CAT-Bird," is a flying test bed that replicates the F-35 avionics suite.
The tidal turbine system includes two low-flow turbines installed on the test bed, which are enhanced for local conditions.