testicular cancer

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Noun1.testicular cancer - malignant tumor of the testis; usually occurring in older men
carcinoma - any malignant tumor derived from epithelial tissue; one of the four major types of cancer
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4 Testicular cancer is the commonest cancer among males aged between 15 and 45.
2 It's easily treated and, if caught at an early stage, testicular cancer is nearly always curable.
The Testicular Cancer Foundation is the nation's leading non-profit organization in raising awareness and donating funds towards testicular cancer research.
Balls To Cancer said despite the fact testicular cancer is almost always curable - if caught early, there is a 98% chance of survival - only 21% of men questioned said they perform the monthly self-check recommended by healthcare professionals and 33% admit to never checking.
Jackman, America's Next Top Model former judge Nigel Barker and two other male friends of the actor agree and had their crotch shot taken, with the Australian actor tweeting, "I accept the #feelingnuts raising awareness for testicular cancer.
Andy McPherson was diagnosed with testicular cancer aged 26.
He was at death's door in 2008 when testicular cancer spread to his brain and lungs.
Former champ Jimmy White, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1995, tweeted: "Absolutely gutted for Ali, praying for you mate.
com/prnh/20130307/600769 The current trend witnessed by the Global Testicular Cancer Drugs market is combination therapy being used for treating testicular cancer.
Mr Skates said: "Almost 3,000 men are diagnosed with prostate or testicular cancer every year in Wales.
Radical orchidectomy is known as the gold standard of malignant testicular cancer or tumors of unknown origin.
Universally referred to as Smiler the squad have created a purple smiley face to represent his nickname and chose the colour to show support for testicular cancer charities.