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also tech·y (tĕch′ē)
adj. tetch·i·er, tetch·i·est also tech·i·er or tech·i·est
Peevish; testy: "As a critic gets older, he or she usually grows more tetchy and limited in responses" (James Wolcott).

[Probably from Middle English tache, teche, blemish (influenced by touchy), from Old French tache, teche, from Vulgar Latin *tacca, from Gothic taikns, sign; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]

tetch′i·ly adv.
tetch′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.tetchily - in an ill-natured and tetchy manner; "`Are you sure?' he asked her tetchily"


[ˈtetʃɪlɪ] ADVcon irritación, malhumoradamente


adv saygereizt
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One correspondent noted tetchily that his "eyewateringly" expensive forest dwelling was a full 20 minutes' walk from the nearest un-forested bit.
Barbara Dunn, Moseley IDS should examine his own conscience I NOTICE that when Theresa May deservedly won the Conservative leadership on Monday Iain Duncan Smith said tetchily that there are some people within the party who need to examine their conscience.
Twenty laps in, Rosberg tetchily told his team: "Tell Lewis to speed up.
As their joyless reunion hit the airwaves, Ms Fernandez-Versini tetchily told her prattling boss to "shurroop".
Before the game, as Roy Hodgson pointed out tetchily after it, most Bp people agreed a draw would be a good result for England.
Thomas Jefferson, one of America's founding fathers, tetchily described democracy as nothing more than "mob rule, where fifty-one per cent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.
It sent a lot of soldiers to Afghanistan but, Indian officials note tetchily, lobbied the hardest for a US withdrawal regardless of the consequences.
Tonight, as these two tetchily await a visit from the grandson that Roger has only just learned is his, their seemingly unimportant rows about Wensleydale and Wendy Houses aren't really about those things at all.
Whitaker complains in December that the entire bill has been rushed and responds tetchily to J.
Whitaker complained in December that the entire bill had been rushed and responded tetchily to J.
Asked whether it vindicated his decision to reinstate John Terry as captain Capello reacted tetchily, saying: "Why is it a vindication for me?