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also tech·y (tĕch′ē)
adj. tetch·i·er, tetch·i·est also tech·i·er or tech·i·est
Peevish; testy: "As a critic gets older, he or she usually grows more tetchy and limited in responses" (James Wolcott).

[Probably from Middle English tache, teche, blemish (influenced by touchy), from Old French tache, teche, from Vulgar Latin *tacca, from Gothic taikns, sign; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]

tetch′i·ly adv.
tetch′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.tetchily - in an ill-natured and tetchy manner; "`Are you sure?' he asked her tetchily"


[ˈtetʃɪlɪ] ADVcon irritación, malhumoradamente


adv saygereizt
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Thomas Jefferson, one of America's founding fathers, tetchily described democracy as nothing more than "mob rule, where fifty-one per cent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.
Mr Duncan Smith tetchily declared: "I do love these little exchanges with the right honourable gentleman - I am sure we could become quite friendly.
Tonight, as these two tetchily await a visit from the grandson that Roger has only just learned is his, their seemingly unimportant rows about Wensleydale and Wendy Houses aren't really about those things at all.
Asked whether it vindicated his decision to reinstate John Terry as captain Capello reacted tetchily, saying: "Why is it a vindication for me?
M had been his brusque self, tetchily fiddling with his pipe, glancing for solace at the naval battle scene above his desk, pausing only briefly to post yet another acerbic comment on the Judi Dench fan website.
The Serbian's anger was evident as he tetchily paced around centre court, but as he started to find his range from the baseline his temper settled and so too the match fell his way.
At this point our rambling dialogue was cut short by a rumbling epilogue - our stomachs tetchily groaned to be filled.
I can't stand windows, those you can look out of, even less," she added tetchily.
She may have even been instrumental in bringing them back on stage after hubby tetchily marched the band off just on the hour mark.
And the reason Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was able to dismiss them tetchily as a cup side is that they have developed the habit of beating superior opponents in knockout competitions.
McQuitty maintained that the printing 'took over 12 months to complete', and concluded tetchily, 'It was not an easy book to produce, and I can assure you that I was glad to see the end'.