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 (tĕt′rə-klôr′ō-ĕth′ə-lēn′) also tet·ra·chlor·eth·yl·ene (-klôr-ĕth′-)
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Noun1.tetrachlorethylene - anthelmintic agent used against hookworm and other nematodes
anthelminthic, anthelmintic, helminthic, vermifuge - a medication capable of causing the evacuation of parasitic intestinal worms
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The work program aims to: - build a drinking water production plant of 530 m 3 / h at amilly (45), - have a tool capable of handling, Among other parameters: Nitrates, Pesticides and tetrachlorethylene, - carry out the work without interrupting the continuity of service.
Among exposures in the occupational environment, the main risk factors for the development of leukemia are solvents such as benzene, tetrachlorethylene, styrene and chlorophenols, aromatic amines, ionizing radiation, electromagnetic fields, creosote, chromium, arsenic, ethylene oxide, asbestos, some antineoplastic agents and agrochemicals (11,12).
That led to the installation of five monitoring wells that found troubling levels of benzene, 1,3-butadiene, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, tetrachlorethylene, trichloroethylene and vinyl chloride--all considered to carry serious health risks.