tetraethyl lead

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tet·ra·eth·yl lead

also tet·ra·eth·yl·lead  (tĕt′rə-ĕth′əl-lĕd′)
A colorless, poisonous, oily liquid, C8H20Pb, comprised of four ethyl groups on each lead atom, used in gasoline for internal-combustion engines as an antiknock agent.

tetraethyl lead

(ˌtɛtrəˈiːθaɪl lɛd) or


(Elements & Compounds) a colourless oily insoluble liquid formerly used in petrol to prevent knocking. Its use has been banned in most developed countries due to its toxicity. Formula: Pb(C2H5)4. Systematic name: lead tetraethyl Former names: tetramethyl lead or tetramethyllead
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Noun1.tetraethyl lead - a clear oily poisonous liquid added to gasoline to prevent knocking
antiknock - any of various compounds that are added to gasoline to reduce engine knocking
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The bribes were to secure contracts from the governments for the supply of Innospec products including Tetraethyl Lead, also known as TEL, a highly dangerous compound created as an octane booster to be added to engine fuel.
took the toxic waste with tetraethyl lead, heavy metals and buried it.
Avgas contains tetraethyl lead that can damage the catalytic converters and oxygen sensors of a car and is also extremely toxic.
3) Tetraethyl lead (TEL) is added to avgas to increase octane and thereby prevent "knock," or uncontrolled fuel detonation, which can damage aircraft engines during flight, compromising safety.
as a constituent of tetraethyl lead, which was used as a gasoline
Innospec, formerly Associated Octel, is the only remaining manufacturer in the world of tetraethyl lead, an additive used in leaded fuels.
How industry could determine the outcome of a controversy by controlling the terms of debate was strikingly and tragically illustrated by the case of a close relation to white lead: the gasoline additive tetraethyl lead (TEL).
Tetraethyl lead has been added to petrol since the 1930s as an effective antiknock and also antiwear additive.
Tetraethyl lead was the invention of General Motors and produced by contract by DuPont and Standard Oil of New Jersey (which later became Exxon).
Just as workers began to receive protection, automobile companies added tetraethyl lead (ethyl) to gasoline in order to eliminate engine knock.
In this regard, McGrayne profiles Clair Patterson, who discovered that leaded gasoline was polluting the planet and spearheaded efforts to curtail the use of tetraethyl lead.