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A polygon with four sides and four angles; a quadrilateral.

[Late Latin tetragōnum, from Greek tetragōnon, square, from neuter of Greek tetragōnos, having four angles : tetra-, tetra- + -gōnos, angled; see -gon.]

te·trag′o·nal (tĕ-trăg′ə-nəl) adj.
te·trag′o·nal·ly adv.


1. (Chemistry) crystallog Also: dimetric relating or belonging to the crystal system characterized by three mutually perpendicular axes of which only two are equal
2. (Mathematics) of, relating to, or shaped like a quadrilateral
teˈtragonally adv
teˈtragonalness n


Relating to a crystal having three axes, two of which are of the same length and are at right angles to each other. The third axis is perpendicular to these. The mineral zircon has tetragonal crystals. See more at crystal.
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Adj.1.tetragonal - of or relating to or shaped like a quadrilateral
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1B shows the transformation of austenite into a body-centered cubic (bcc) and then to body-centered tetragonal (bct) cell.
The MGC samples solidified with growth rates of 1 and 3 mm/min took the forms of tetragonal rods with approximate dimensions of 5 mm x 5 mm x 100 mm.
Because of the body-centered tetragonal lattice of S-Sn unit cell, the mechanical properties of the one-grain Sn microbumps are remarkably anisotropic, which are proved by the difference of the elastic modulus and the stiffness in the different orientations.
35 wherein several phases can come about: the cubic, pseudo-cubic, tetragonal, and rhombohedral [9].
Shape Male n (a) Female n (a) Total n (a) Oval 22 (18 %) 28 (23 %) 50 (20 %) Round 6 (5 %) 2 (2 %) 8 (3 %) Egg 34 (27 %) 22 (18 %) 56 (23 %) Tetragonal 16 (13 %) 8 (7 %) 24 (10 %) Pentagonal 7 (6 %) 6 (5 %) 13 (5 %) Irregular 37 (30 %) 51 (42 %) 88 (36 %) Hexagonal 3 (2 %) 5 (4 %) 8 (3 %) * Absolute (relative) count of participants.
Se encontro que las multicapas cristalizan en una estructura tetragonal con grupo espacial 123 (P4/mmm).
Implants for surgery - Ceramic materials based on yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia (Y-TZP)
At room temperature, however, the OIP crystal structure changes from cubic to tetragonal, in which one axis of the cube elongates.
Los cristales de zirconio sufren cambios cristalograficos al pasar de la temperatura de fusion (2715 [grados]C) a la temperatura ambiente; estos cambios son: fase monoclinica (temperatura ambiente-1170 [grados]C), fase tetragonal (11702370 [degrees]C) y fase cubica (mayor de 2370 [grados]C).
As an example, zirconia ceramics such as 3Y-TZP (3 mol % Yttria-stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystals) offer unsurpassed mechanical properties but are also the most opaque of all-ceramic materials currently available [5].
Yttria tetragonal zirconia polycrystal (Y-TZP) stands out among other restorative dental materials due to its high chemical stability and biocompatibility, and superior mechanical properties.
As it is an integral part of production processes, we also study the influence of mechanical loading, in practice isotropic and tetragonal distortions, on solubility and mobility of hydrogen.