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Adj.1.tetrametric - of or relating to verse lines written in tetrameter
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And just as Eastern Jin shi-poetry in the 360s was increasingly taking pentametric verse as its dominant form (the preference for tetrametric verse having still been strong in the writings of the first generation of Eastern Jin expatriates), so the zhenren of Highest Clarity also compose primarily in this form, though occasionally showing their skill in other forms as well.
Genetic variation at five trimetric and tetrametric tandem repeat loci in four human population groups, Genomics (1992) 12:241-253.
This dodecasyllabic line, which seems to cleave, almost, to the security of a standard tetrametric structure - 3+3+4+2 - is also a line which crosses a frontier.
The antigen, two antibodies, and the enzyme form a tetrametric complex to generate the ELISA signal.
in tetrametric, pentametric, and yuefu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
While the verses in Lilian's voice skip about from ballad quatrains, to blank verse, to tetrametric couplets, Helen confines herself to blank verse, the most prosaic of all possible meters.