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 (tĕt′rə-plē′jə, -jē-ə)
[tetra- (because all four limbs are affected ) + -plegia.]

tet′ra·ple′gic adj. & n.


ntétraplégique mf
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Three tetraplegic hand cyclists are already registered to take part.
But without research this could not have been done Grateful ParentAS A tetraplegic,having broken my neck and twisted my spine in an accident at home in 1995,I welcome any research that can help people like myself to be repaired and lead the life that I was used to for 48 years.
He has come an even longer way--literally and figuratively--from an accident that left him tetraplegic (quadriplegic).
We were asked by the Paraplegic and Tetraplegic Association in Albania if there was any way we could help them in the way of wheelchairs and walking aids.
A TETRAPLEGIC former Royal Navy helicopter pilot who has completed a three-and-a-half-month round-Britain voyage celebrated his landing with champagne.
A TETRAPLEGIC former Royal Navy helicopter pilot was today completing a 3 month round-Britain voyage in a specially adapted pounds 1 million wing- sailed trimaran.
He is now a tetraplegic, having regained limited use of his arms and wrists and one finger.
A former Royal Navy helicopter pilot, bidding to become the first tetraplegic yachtsman to sail around the world in a unique craft, has begun recruiting disabled crew.
Angela, a cousin of Kieren Fallon's wife Julie, was left a tetraplegic in an accident last July and a lot of effort has been spent in raising money for her and her two children.
EmmErdalE Mon-Fri ITV Danny Miller tells us how his character Aaron Livesy feels as he goes on trial this week for the assisted suicide of his tetraplegic boyfriend, Jackson.
The accident left Ryan tetraplegic - paralysed from the chest down and unable to walk, and with limited use of his arms.
It left him a tetraplegic, paralysed from the nose down, and only able to communicate through a computer keyboard linked to his blinking eye.