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Imaging confirmed bilateral thalamic infarcts from the occlusion of Artery of Percheron, a rare anatomic variant which is a single arterial trunk supplying the thalamus and midbrain bilaterally.
My wife has Thalamic syndrome, an extremely painful condition, and she cannot go where large crowds are for fear of being knocked or bumped.
As the affected cutaneous region was well-demarcated with its sensory innervation area and NCSs confirmed its axonal involvement, allodynia was regarded as a result of secondary central sensitization triggered by the disturbance of superficial peroneal nerve in this case, rather than a central pain secondary to thalamic involvement.
1-13) Additionally, children with even incompletely resected low-grade thalamic gliomas can have a 5-year overall survival rate greater than 80% with adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation.
DTI analysis revealed a significant increase in mean, radial, and axial diffusivity, mainly of the fibers of bilateral anterior thalamic radiation and superior longitudinal fasciculus with left predominance, which intersected with bilateral subinsular white matter (P < 0.
Although the clinical duration was relatively short and the early symptoms uncommon in comparison to vC JD cases in the United Kingdom, the overall clinical phenotype and posterior thalamic hyperintensities as seen in an MRI brain scan led to a diagnosis of suspected vCJD.
Spindles come from a structure of the brain called thalamic reticular nucleus and spike around 7-15 per second.
Basically, increased neuronal activity in the frontal lobes of OCD patients results in miscommunication with the striatal and thalamic regions, with resultant thalamic hyperactivity.
Sakai, "Cerebellar thalamic and thalamocortical projections," in Handbook of the Cerebellum and Cerebellar Disorders, M.
Pallidal and thalamic neurostimulation in severe tardive dystonia.
Unlike others, primary sensory cortical regions receive direct inputs from the environment through the respective thalamic nuclei starting at an early stage in development and are therefore likely to be shaped by incoming activity from sensory modalities.
1] There is a network of connectivity between the thalamic nulei, cerebellum, STN and globus pallidus, which modifies and refines our actions.