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Adj.1.thalamocortical - relating to or connecting the cortex and thalamus; "the thalamocortical system"
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Neurologists, neurosurgeons, and others from North America, Europe, and Asia discuss the history of movement disorders surgery, and the pathophysiology, functional neuroanatomy, clinical presentation, and medical management of ParkinsonAEs disease, dystonia, and essential tremor, including an overview of basal ganglia thalamocortical circuits.
7] may be due to a generalized alteration in information processing at the primary thalamocortical level that occurs during pranayama as postulated by Telles et al.
Sensory afferents influence M1 either directly through the intracortical connections between the primary sensory cortex (S1) and M1 or through thalamocortical pathways that reach M1 (14,15).
Restoration of intracortical and thalamocortical circuits after transplantation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into the ischemic brain of mice.
Preuss TM, Goldman-Rakic PS: Crossed corticothalamic and thalamocortical connections of macaque prefrontal cortex.
This decreased inhibitory activity from basal ganglia neurons leads to unrestrained thalamocortical drive and the appearance of dyskinesias (22-24).
From there, they travel through the spin thalamic tract to the thalamus and then through the thalamocortical tract to the cerebral cortex.
It was unexpected that these short-term memories are maintained in a thalamocortical loop," he says.
Confusion and memory loss from capsular genu infarction: a thalamocortical disconnection syndrome?
The discovery of disrupted spatial processing in people with unilateral pain syndromes and its inter-relationship with thermoregulation and movement control, (5-8) and disrupted thermoregulation with transcranial magnetic stimulation over the posterior parietal cortex (a brain area thought to be critical in subserving spatial and proprioceptive data), (9) added weight to the idea that a network of thalamocortical loops subserves protection and regulation of the body, and the space around it, at both perceptual and physiological levels.
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Abnormal thalamocortical activity in patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) type I.