thalassemia major

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Noun1.thalassemia major - a fatal form of homozygous thalassemia (inherited from both parents) in which there is no hemoglobin; skeletal deformations; heart and spleen and liver enlarged
Mediterranean anaemia, Mediterranean anemia, thalassaemia, thalassemia - an inherited form of anemia caused by faulty synthesis of hemoglobin
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The only known cure for Beta Thalassemia Major is a stem cell transplant.
Objective : The project aims to increase the chances of survival and improve quality of life of patients with thalassemia major and Onco-Hematological diseases.
Moinuddin, a senior hematologist said thalassemia that was largely un-heard of in years 1947 to 1970s was found to be increasingly diagnosed in people with traces of both thalassemia minor and thalassemia major.
The most severe form of this disease is [beta] thalassemia major (1).
Vachhani, 44, who works as a manager with a Dubai insurance firm, said he had just returned from India after donating his stem cells to an unknown girl suffering from Thalassemia Major.
At the camp, total 30 units of blood were collected which will support the lives of ninety 90 thalassemia major children under-treatment at the AMTF.
Treatment for thalassemia major often involves regular blood transfusions and folate supplements.
One in 12 people in the Emirati population in the UAE carries the thalassaemia gene and those suffering from thalassemia major require regular blood transfusions.
632 million, Prevention of Thalassemia major in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(2nd Revised) at a cost of Rs.
Patients were divided into five disease groups such as acute leukemia, thalassemia major, congenital or acquired aplastic anemia, coagulation factor deficiency (factor II, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and vonWillebrand factor deficiencies) and other anemias (such as hereditary spherocytosis, sickle cell anemia).
Even with optimum management, osteoporosis occurs, contributing to morbidity in majority of patients with thalassemia major (TM).