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Variant of taler.


(ˈtɑːlə) or


n, pl -ler or -lers
(Currencies) a former German, Austrian, or Swiss silver coin
[from German; see dollar]


or ta•ler

(ˈtɑ lər)

n., pl. -ler, -lers.
any of various former large coins of various German states.
[1780–90; < German; see dollar]
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Prussia, by a remittance of 250,000 thalers, testified her high approval of the enterprise.
Therefore it was droll in the good Riemer, who has written memoirs of Goethe, to make out a list of his donations and good deeds, as, so many hundred thalers given to Stilling, to Hegel, to Tischbein; a lucrative place found for Professor Voss, a post under the Grand Duke for Herder, a pension for Meyer, two professors recommended to foreign universities; &c.
Even I, a poor secretary of the Russian Embassy, do not feel any need in token of my joy to give my Franz a thaler, or let him go with his Liebchen to the Prater.
The Thalers also raise small grains, wheat, oats, millet, and alfalfa-grass hay.
The Thalers have implemented numerous projects and improvement practices with technical assistance from the USDA and state and county agencies.
Thalers circulated throughout the Red Sea region, the Horn of Africa, the Americas and as far eastward as China.
Prized aesthetically for their remarkable lustre, thalers have been used by generations of craftsmen in the creation of traditional jewellery; they also served as a kind of portable bank since nomadic tribes wore their wealth while on the move.
If she did come, the journey would cost her a great deal more than 300 thalers, as it would not be made on foot or by ordinary post wagon, but in a chaise of their own.
Long before the Latin Monetary Union or the Euro, Europe and much of the world had a common currency in the thaler first minted in 1741 in the Imperial Mints of the Holy Roman Empire, in this case those in Austria.