thank you

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thank you



interj, n
a. a conventional expression of gratitude
b. (as modifier): a thank-you card.
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Noun1.Thank you - a conversational expression of gratitudethank you - a conversational expression of gratitude
thanks - an acknowledgment of appreciation
شكراشُكْرا، أشْكُرَك
dankedanke schönvielen Dank
òakka òértakk
teşekkür ederimteşekkürlermersi

thank you

nDankeschön nt; he grabbed the book without even a thank-youer riss das Buch ohne ein Dankeschön ntor ohne ein Wort ntdes Dankes an sich; thank-you letterDankschreiben nt


(θӕŋk) verb
to express appreciation or gratitude to (someone) for a favour, service, gift etc. He thanked me for the present; She thanked him for inviting her.
ˈthankful adjective
grateful; relieved and happy. He was thankful that the journey was over; a thankful sigh.
ˈthankfully adverb
ˈthankfulness noun
ˈthankless adjective
for which no-one is grateful. Collecting taxes is a thankless task.
ˈthanklessly adverb
ˈthanklessness noun
thanks noun plural
expression(s) of gratitude. I really didn't expect any thanks for helping them.
thank you. Thanks (very much) for your present; Thanks a lot!; No, thanks; Yes, thanks.
ˈthanksgiving noun
the act of giving thanks, especially to God, eg in a church service. a service of thanksgiving.
Thanksˈgiving noun
(also Thanksgiving Day) in the United States, a special day (the fourth Thursday in November) for giving thanks to God.
thanks to
because of. Thanks to the bad weather, our journey was very uncomfortable.
thank you
I thank you. Thank you (very much) for your present; No, thank you.
Thank you   
References in classic literature ?
First let me thank you for all that you have done for me.
I must thank you first; let me speak to you as if I really were a child.
Sir,' said Mr Tappertit with a low bow, 'I thank you for this condescension, and am glad to see you.
Brother, I thank you a million times for your more than brotherly welcome, and a million times more to that for your more than brotherly intentions.
Laurence, who looked quite taken aback, and held out her hand, saying, with only a small quaver in her voice, "I came to thank you, sir, for.
Polly felt it, and it did her good; hastily wiping the traitorous eyes, she laughed and said cheerfully, "There, I 'm all right again; thank you, don't trouble yourself with my parcels.
If you would set my mind at rest with the assurance that you will interpose with the father and save this harmless girl, close that book before you return it to me, and I shall know what you mean, and deeply thank you in my heart.
No, sir, no; I can't do that, thank you, I have only just money enough to get back with.
You've been good to me," she said, "and I thank you ever so much.
Now, see here, Rosy, I don't pretend to set myself up for a model in anything, and you may come down on my grammar, manners or morals as often as you think I'm wrong, and I'll thank you.
I HASTEN to thank you, dear Miss Roseberry, for your last kind letter, received by yesterday's mail from Canada.
Oh, thank you -- thank you," cried Anne, clasping the packet rapturously.