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 (thô′mə-tûrj′) also thau·ma·tur·gist (-tûr′jĭst)
A performer of miracles or magic feats.

[Greek thaumatourgos : thauma, thaumat-, wonder + ergon, work; see werg- in Indo-European roots.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) rare a performer of miracles; magician. Also: thaumaturgist or thaumaturgus
[C18: from Medieval Latin thaumaturgus, from Greek thaumatourgos miracle-working, from thaumato- + -ourgos working, from ergon work]
ˈthaumaˌturgy, ˈthaumaˌturgism n


(ˈθɔ məˌtɜrdʒ)

also thau′ma•tur`gist,

a worker of wonders or miracles.
[1705–15; < Greek thaumatourgós=thaumat- (see thaumato-) + -ourgos working; see -urgy]
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Noun1.thaumaturge - one who practices magic or sorcerythaumaturge - one who practices magic or sorcery  
enchanter - a sorcerer or magician
exorciser, exorcist - someone who practices exorcism
magus - a magician or sorcerer of ancient times
occultist - a believer in occultism; someone versed in the occult arts
sorceress - a woman sorcerer
witch doctor - someone who is believed to heal through magical powers
References in classic literature ?
The professor declares that these thaumaturgists have acquired such skill in the art which he learned at their feet that they perform their miracles by simply throwing the
Priscilla's character derives from Hawthorne's notes on his experience at Brook Farm and his familiarity with occult performances of prestidigitators, ventriloquists, thaumaturgists, and traveling conjurors.
Here, too, Heintz develops his major thesis, to wit, that the primary targets of this rhetorical use of "magic" were prophetic thaumaturgists (called "divine men" or theioi andres by other scholars), i.