the Irish Famine

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Noun1.the Irish Famine - a famine in Ireland resulting from a potato blight; between 1846 and 1851 a million people starved to death and 1.6 million emigrated (most to America)
famine - a severe shortage of food (as through crop failure) resulting in violent hunger and starvation and death
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Born in Dublin in 1667, Jonathan Swift was a poet, author and journalist best known for his satirical novel Gullivers Travels and for his satirical essay on the Irish famine A Modest Proposal.
and Canada, no-longer-"chaste" pregnant women were, together with rape victims, punished, hidden away and robbed of their children to uphold some ideal and, according to Cohen's analysis and according to some priests in Tuam, Ireland, today, to avoid genocide by sterilization, which might have been a kinder, gentler genocide than the Irish Famine.
Curtis's clear and unapologetic delivery of the facts and figures regarding the history of dislodgment during the Irish Famine offers a restitution of eviction's central place in the story of starvation, emigration and exile.
To mark the sesquicentennial anniversary of the Irish Famine, (1) entrepreneur Norma Smurfit donated the work of sculptor Rowan Gillespie to the Irish state; it is now installed on the Custom House Quay along the northern bank of the river Liffey, which runs through Dublin city.
EUROPEAN nations failing to respond to their humanitarian obligations to refugees should learn the lessons of the Irish Famine, Michael D Higgins said yesterday.
Among those who responded with unstinted generosity were the Sultan of Turkey, Pope Pius IX, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, "fallen women" in London, and many others, which provides clear support for the argument that the Irish famine was indeed the first global humanitarian crisis.
They did not find it easy to leave and were often driven by terrible events like the Irish Famine or the Highland Clearances.
EBOLA has become such a devastating humanitarian disaster the US Ambassador to the UN yesterday compared it to the Irish Famine.
Topics include the changing relationship between life and death over the course of Irish prehistory, the politics and religion behind burial in early medieval Ireland, Oliver Cromwell and Oliver Plunkett, death and the family in early modern London, suicide in eighteenth-century London, dechristianizing death in revolutionary France, death and ambiguous remembrance in modern Ireland, varieties of death in the Irish Famine, the sociology of suicide and the state, death notices and obituaries in local Irish newspapers, tolerance and intolerance in Irish folklore, a hunger strike in Cork and Brixton in 1920, killings during the war of independence, and the mutation of martyrdom in Britain and Ireland from 1850 to 2005.
The plaque is part of the "ring of honor," an area around the courthouse flagpole dedicated to victims of historical events, including the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, the Irish Famine and slavery in the U.
ALL STANDING: THE REMARKABLE STORY OF THE JEANIE JOHNSTON, THE LEGENDARY IRISH FAMINE SHIP recounts the dramatic story of The Jeanie Johnston, which ran between Ireland and North America during the height of the Irish Famine.
The Irish famine of 1845-52, in which a million people died and more than a million more fled the country, still casts an enormous shadow over its people, not least in the way that an expectation of emigration has become normalised among Ireland's young.

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