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Noun1.the halt - (archaic) lame persons collectively; "the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind"--Luke 14:21
archaicism, archaism - the use of an archaic expression
disabled, handicapped - people collectively who are crippled or otherwise physically handicapped; "technology to help the elderly and the disabled"
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The principles of this tender are as follows - Contractor ensures development of the final design based on the draft which has already been developed by Hglanden;- Contractor ensures production of the Halt Services;- Contractor ensures placement of all Halt Services and related activities;- Metropolitan Hglanden~ll Management & Maintenance and Operation Advertising separate procurement;The total amount of this contract is the supply and installation of approximately 1000 Halt Services.
The HALT process allows for quick identification of potential vulnerabilities due to extreme strain on the system very early in the development process.
Planning officers are reporting to the committee that one objection has been received which questioned the level of use that would be made of the halt.
The company has developed a procedure and related equipment for treating uterine fibroids that is less expensive, more effective and less invasive than other alternatives - the Halt Global Fibroid Ablation (GFA) System.
Denying the reports on the halt of Iran`s furnace oil exports in winter, Farid Ameri said that export of the product will be never halted.
It is encouraging to note that the reduction in excessive immune activation was achieved in only 28 days without complete viral load suppression, confirming the HALT activity of the VS411 formulation," added Dr.
50 million in fresh capital will enable us to launch the Halt Global Fibroid Ablation (GFA) System in major markets around the world.
25 in connection with the halt in trading of its stock imposed last month by the Nasdaq stock exchange.
The Halt System may be used for general surgical use in the US, however it is currently cleared by the FDA only for investigational use for treating symptomatic fibroids.
15, when the board has tentatively scheduled another special meeting to officially order the halt to work and related actions.
It is encouraging to note that the reduction in excessive immune activation was achieved in only 28 days without complete viral load suppression," added Dr Lori, "confirming the HALT activity of the VS411 formulation.
The Halt system has been cleared by the FDA for general use and is currently being studied in the US and Latin America for relief of symptoms caused by uterine fibroids.

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