the halt

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Noun1.the halt - (archaic) lame persons collectively; "the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind"--Luke 14:21
archaicism, archaism - the use of an archaic expression
disabled, handicapped - people collectively who are crippled or otherwise physically handicapped; "technology to help the elderly and the disabled"
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When we halted, as we occasionally did, though sometimes the halts seemed ages apart, he would join in the conversation, as would Ghak the Hairy One, he who was chained just ahead of Dian the Beautiful.
The Guidelines also establish that trading venues should immediately make public the activation of a trading halt, the type of trading halt, the trading phase in which it was triggered, the eventual extension and the end of the halt.
The most likely cause for the halt of gas supplies is overdue payments and unsettled commercial issues between Gazprom and Overgas.
The HALT process allows for quick identification of potential vulnerabilities due to extreme strain on the system very early in the development process.
The HALT and HASS methodologies are not quantitative for use in assessing probable lifetime.
Planning officers are reporting to the committee that one objection has been received which questioned the level of use that would be made of the halt.
For stocks listed on the small-cap exchanges, TSX-Venture or CNSX, the halt will be for 10 minutes to account for the comparatively lower levels of liquidity.
The main idea behind the HALT process is to break the product to reveal weaknesses.
Denying the reports on the halt of Iran`s furnace oil exports in winter, Farid Ameri said that export of the product will be never halted.
Sunca said the company had promised that wages would be paid even during the halt in production, it was reported.
As predicted, they find a dramatic increase in estimated information a symmetry immediately preceding trading halts, which is far larger than the abnormal volatility or volume preceding the halt.
15, when the board has tentatively scheduled another special meeting to officially order the halt to work and related actions.