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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: critic - a critic of theatrical performancestheater critic - a critic of theatrical performances
critic - a person who is professionally engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works of art
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The judge committee includes theater critic at Al Ahram, Bassem Sadek; a journalist from Roz al Youssef, Hend salama; and a journalist and theater critic at Al Ahram Hebdo, Mona Fadl.
Theater critic GE-lE-en Karakadyoy-lu and actor GE-lcin E[pounds sterling]stE-ntaE- were the first to start the vigil and were later joined by CE-neyt Yalaz, Gizem Aksu and EuzgE-r Eren from the Mimesis theater magazine, Mustafa Demirkanly, Fyrat Kuyurtar and YE-cel Erten from the Tiyatro theater magazine and Metin Boran from the Association of Theater Critics.
In February I quit my job after more than 26 years as the Orlando Sentinel's theater critic.
Henry Hewes, a longtime Gotham theater critic and an advocate of Off Broadway and regional theatre, died July 18 in Manhattan.
95), In The Great Together is an anthology of four one-act plays by the late Seth Alan Barkas, a gifted New York theater critic who was murdered on the streets of that city at the age of 23 by a gang of youthful thugs.
With a blend of exacting scholarship wide-eyed admiration, theater critic David Kaufman recounts the life of the incomparable Charles Ludlam, whose Ridiculous Theatrical Company productions at One Sheridan Square--most of them written by, directed by, and starting Ludlam himself--were fixtures of the New York scene from 1967 until Ludlam's death from AIDS complications 20 years later.
Even the New York Daily News's Fintan O'Toole, easily the most brilliant theater critic New York has seen in decades, wrote a preview implying that maybe it wasn't such a good idea for the first Puerto Rican musical on Broadway to have a protagonist who kills people.
Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe's new theater critic, wrote an e-mail about his new assignment: "Taking over as the Globe's theater critic feels like I've come full circle in a couple of ways.
With only two more weeks to go as a New York Times theater critic, Bruce Weber should know what lovely things the legit community is saying about him behind his back.
The inside scoop: In giving voice to Preed, Lane has said he took aural inspiration from none other than the imperious George Sanders, who played All About Eve's snooty theater critic Addison Dewitt.

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