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A unit of currency in Botswana equal to 1/100 of the pula.

[Setswana, shield.]


(Celestial Objects) astronomy an inner satellite of Jupiter discovered in 1979
[C20: named after Thebe, mythical queen of Thebes]


(ˈtɛ bɛ)

n., pl. -be, -bes.
a monetary unit of Botswana, equal to 1/100 of a pula.
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Noun1.thebe - 100 thebe equal 1 pula in Botswana
Botswana monetary unit - monetary unit in Botswana
pula - the basic unit of money in Botswana
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We went to Thebe the strong city of Eetion, sacked it, and brought hither the spoil.
Grim war and dread battle destroyed a part of them, some in the land of Cadmus at seven- gated Thebe when they fought for the flocks of Oedipus, and some, when it had brought them in ships over the great sea gulf to Troy for rich-haired Helen's sake: there death's end enshrouded a part of them.
Its founder, and Brand Finance Africa chairman, Thebe Ikalafeng, talked to Stephen Williams.
But the long-serving coach has been encouraged by what he has seen on thebe hasn't United throwing training pitch.
Additionally, the group includes the Renewable Energy Trust, Thebe Investment Corp, The IDEAS Managed Fund, Futuregrowth Asset Management and Genesis Eco-Energy in partnership with Lereko Metier Sustainable Capital.
It was soon 2-0, when a long ball from Thomas Thebe met a cushion header by Liam into Alfie Madgwicks path, and he sprinted away and coolly slotted past the keeper.
Many thanks to Phenyo Thebe, Morongwa Mosothwane and their students from the University of Botswana who participated in the excavation, to Ralph Bousfield of Uncharted Africa Safaris for the photos of Zhizo pots found in the Makgadikgadi and to Mike Main for information on other sites in the region.
TTN spoke to Sugen Pillay, the commercial director at Thebe Reed Exhibitions, for more.
Thebe Investment Corporation; one of South Africa's most established broad based BEE Investment management companies (advised by Bridge Capital).
See Vusilizwe Thebe, "From South Africa with love: the malayisha system and Ndebele households' quest for livelihood reconstruction in south-western Zimbabwe," Journal of Modern African Studies, 49.
At 13, Thebe Medupe was in the gutter--living under apartheid in a village with no running water--but he was looking up at the stars.
Thebe Medupe (North West University) gave an update on his ongoing Timbuktu Science Project.