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A unit of currency in Botswana equal to 1/100 of the pula.

[Setswana, shield.]


(Celestial Objects) astronomy an inner satellite of Jupiter discovered in 1979
[C20: named after Thebe, mythical queen of Thebes]


(ˈtɛ bɛ)

n., pl. -be, -bes.
a monetary unit of Botswana, equal to 1/100 of a pula.
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Noun1.thebe - 100 thebe equal 1 pula in Botswana
Botswana monetary unit - monetary unit in Botswana
pula - the basic unit of money in Botswana
References in classic literature ?
We went to Thebe the strong city of Eetion, sacked it, and brought hither the spoil.
Grim war and dread battle destroyed a part of them, some in the land of Cadmus at seven- gated Thebe when they fought for the flocks of Oedipus, and some, when it had brought them in ships over the great sea gulf to Troy for rich-haired Helen's sake: there death's end enshrouded a part of them.
The men team is made up of Karabo Sibanda, Baboloki Thebe, Nijel Amos, Isaac Makwala, Karabo Mothibi, Onkabetse Nkobolo, Leaname Maotoanong and Pako Seribe.
After arresting Basnet, the police also seized two US-made guns with 9 mm bullets, which were concealed inside a flower vas from the room of Thebe and Yonghang and three motorcycles with registration numbers Ba 35 Pa 2461, Ba 46 Pa 4853 and Ba 44 Pa 7786.
Haroun, who switched nationality from Sudan to Qatar two years ago, was last with 70 metres to go but edged past Baboloki Thebe of Botswana (fourth) and Jamaica's Nathon Allen (fifth) in the final metres.
Hearts have Kyle Laffertfront so they should score, but thebe fancied at heavy odds-on and bteams to score looks a better bet.
His countrymate Baboloki Thebe, 19, has a PR of 44.
Summary: Brand Africa founder and Brand Finance Africa chairman, Thebe Ikalafeng, gives a perspective on the key trends in the latest BrandAfrica 100.
414-427 when the Achaeans attacked Thebe, the city of Eetion.
Thebe Kgositsile has reinvented himself as Earl Sweatshirt.
The local partners in the ACWA Power led consortium include Thebe Investments, Pele Natural Energy, Mazi Capital and Palace Group.
The local partners in the Acwa Power led consortium include Thebe Investments, Pele Natural Energy, Mazi Capital and Palace Group," said Prabashen Govender, head of Business Development for Acwa Power Southern Africa.