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n. pl. the·cae (-sē′, -kē′)
A case, covering, or sheath, such as the covering of the pollen sacs of an anther or the thick cell wall of certain dinoflagellates.

[Latin thēca, case, receptacle, from Greek thēkē; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]

the′cal (-kəl) adj.
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Posteroinferiorly, the lesion is infiltrating the foramen magnum with associated obliteration of anterior thecal sac space and significant extradural compression of the cervicomedullary region of the brain stem, which is seen pushed to the left.
siamensis by lacking body undulation and having fine pores densely scattered on the thecal plates in addition to the larger pores found on both species.
Later on, MRI cervical spine (plain) was performed which showed straightening of the cervical spine and C5-C6 disc protrusion with annular tear causing ventral thecal sac cord compression at this site.
damage to convoluted seminiferous tubules epithelium, reduction of spermatozoa formation and increase in prevalence of teratospermia, atrtic follicles congestion in stromal tissue, decrease in follicle and oocyte number, increased level of Cr(VI) in blood, increased duration of estrus cycle, disintegrated cell membranes of two layered follicular cells and altered villiform mitochondria in thecal cells (Li et al.
Features of follicle atresia and cystic formations were described (Figure 1): cell pyknosis, interruption of the basement membrane and thecal layers' disruption, reduction of granulosa cells layers, presence of elongated epithelioid cells in the surface lining the follicle wall.
It reported diffuse disc bulges at the levels of C2-3 and C5-6, causing mild thecal indentation without significant foraminal narrowing and radicular compression.
Various experimental cell culture studies involving human and some animal species have shown that thyroid hormones have, to some degree, a stimulatory effect on granulosa and/or thecal cells (1-3).
LH supports thecal cells in the ovary, which provide androgens and hormonal precursors for estradiol production.
In our study we used laminar spreader to distract two motion segments and the placement of the distractor and screws did not interfere with the dissection and in fact, this system allowed for easy visualization of the nerve roots, thecal sac, and disc space.
MRI also proved to be as efficacious as the traditional modalities in the evaluation of suspected extradural tumour impinging on the thecal sac.
FF contains several blood plasma protein components derived from constituents that cross the blood-follicular barrier and several granulosa/theca proteins derived from granulosa and thecal cells (Nandedkar et al.