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Noun1.thelarche - the start of breast development in a woman at the beginning of puberty
start - the beginning of anything; "it was off to a good start"
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Women with mullerian agenesis have normal 46XX chromosomes, normal external genitalia, normal ovarian function, and normal thelarche and pubarche.
Consumption of chicken raised on such hormones was no higher in families with girls experiencing premature thelarche than in those where girls developed normally.
Key words: breast development, mammary gland, Mexico, puberty, thelarche, Yaqui Valley.
For more than 2 decades, their island has hosted an inexplicable epidemic of premature breast development, or thelarche.
The great majority of children will progress through the very orderly and classic sequence from thelarche to adrenarche and menarche with no problems.
2000), the blood samples were taken from children after referral to pediatric clinics, that is, after premature thelarche had been observed.
Human studies are scarce, but a recently published case-control study examined the association between premature thelarche (premature breast development) and phthalate exposure among girls 6 months to 8 years of age (Colon et al.
Biomarker of Biomarker of pubertal onset pubertal progression Body composition Body composition Bone resorption markers Bone resorption markers Estrogen Estrogen FSH FSH Inhibin A Inhibin B Inhibin B Leptin Leptin LH LH Menarche Pubic hair type and extent Pubic hair type and extent Skeletal growth rate Skeletal growth rate Thelarche Thelarche
Premature thelarche in Puerto Rico: a search for environmental estrogenic contamination.
A report of premature thelarche (early breast enlargement without additional signs of sexual development) in Puerto Rico noted that consumption of soy-based formula was one of several positive associations in 120 pairs of children (Freni-Titulaer et al.
Puerto Rico has the highest known incidence of premature thelarche ever reported.