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 (thĕm-sĕlf′, thəm-)
1. Informal Himself or herself. Used as a gender-neutral reflexive pronoun: "Relationships are hard, but all the work is worth it, unless the person you're with has totally let themself go" (John Metz).
2. Nonstandard Themselves: "I was telling Bubber how he and my uncles owns the whole place themself" (Carson McCullers).
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Especially new players and foreigner players who find some kind of difficulty and people need time to adapt themself.
A feisty young detective tries to crack a difficult murder case, hoping to make a name for themself and NEw secure that all-important step up the corporate ladder.
While each image is accompanied by inspirational writing, the reader is invited to explore and interpret for themself.
We would urge anyone who finds themself in a similar situation to her to make contact with us.
According to details, the Rangers personnel stopped a suspected vehicle during the snap-checking, when asked to identify themself , an accused Mohammad Rafique travelling in the vehicle,introduced himself a Major of Intelligence Agency.
Instead of utilizing a promising channel, it has been exploited to the point that some of us lose their minds whenever they hear the word "influencer" and want to jump off a bridge when they are introduced to someone who proudly calls themself an "influencer".
And while there is loss, in turns there is much more attention paid to the various ways shared experiences allow each character to come into themself more fully.
According to information I have received, at the entrance to the Ataturk Airport international terminal a terrorist first opened fire with a Kalashnikov and then blew themself up," he said in comments broadcast by CNN Turk.
Tesla is a hardcore technology company, which means that anyone leading a team of engineers must be an outstanding engineer themself, as well as a good leader.
Mian Jaffer Hussain said, for example,if people abide by traffic rules,nothing will happen to them but it would ensure safe journey for themself and for other road users.
I remember my dad showing me the headline in the paper actually and I remember not quite understanding, I didn't quite get that somebody could kill themself.
Another describing themself as an "anxious patient" said: "I've been trying to see my doctor now for a couple of months and am just unable to get an appointment with them.