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 (thĕm-sĕlf′, thəm-)
1. Informal Himself or herself. Used as a gender-neutral reflexive pronoun: "Relationships are hard, but all the work is worth it, unless the person you're with has totally let themself go" (John Metz).
2. Nonstandard Themselves: "I was telling Bubber how he and my uncles owns the whole place themself" (Carson McCullers).
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Mian Jaffer Hussain said, for example,if people abide by traffic rules,nothing will happen to them but it would ensure safe journey for themself and for other road users.
I remember my dad showing me the headline in the paper actually and I remember not quite understanding, I didn't quite get that somebody could kill themself.
Another describing themself as an "anxious patient" said: "I've been trying to see my doctor now for a couple of months and am just unable to get an appointment with them.
March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The decision to purchase a new vehicle rather than a pre-owned model is a decision that every car buyer must make for themself, and comes with its own share of advantages and disadvantages.
themself lost weight and is trained to support members with compassionate To find out more, you can go to www.
The Saxon State plans, technical themself REVOSax the database.
have an unstable sense of identity, such as thinking differently about themself depending on who they are with
He asked: "What is the position of someone who declines to accept conditions of return and who is not subject to deportation via the country in which he or she temporarily finds themself.
Each week we focus on favourite shots from a keen snapper, who tells us about themself and their hobby.
While cliMATE modules are not difficult to install, many car owners are not comfortable to install products themself, they trust their local shop and their warranty policy is therefore in safe hands.
e individual has voluntarily conned themself to home, which is understood to be in Cardi , and is undergoing daily medical checks on their condition.
The reader constantly finds themself drawing parallels between military and industry logistics as CLB-6 operates convoys with the ever-present dangers: IEDs in their path, insurgents firing RPGs and AK47s, and the terrain wreaking havoc with vehicles.