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n. pl. the·or·bos
A large lute with a long neck having two sets of pegs, one set above and somewhat to the side of the other to accommodate a set of bass strings, used in the 1600s and early 1700s.

[French théorbe, from Italian tiorba, of unknown origin.]


n, pl -bos
(Instruments) music an obsolete form of the lute, having two necks, one above the other, the second neck carrying a set of unstopped sympathetic bass strings
[C17: from Italian teorba, probably from Venetian, variant of tuorba travelling bag, ultimately from Turkish torba bag]
theˈorbist n
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The queens passed to their own apartments, accompanied by them music of theorbos and lutes; the king found his musketeers awaiting him on the grand flight of steps, for M.
The eight singers of I Fagiolini under Robert Hollingworth were accompanied by a continuo of chamber organ plus various sizes of theorbo, as well as two violins and the six-strong English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble.
and an eventual decision not to use theorbo at all would resonate with the state of continuo playing at the Opera in 1730.
The Bach Festival now is a member in good standing of the Early Music Movement, rendering Bach's works with period instruments such as the viola da gamba, theorbo, oboe da caccia and wooden flute.
Darryl Taylor, countertenor; Jory Vinikour, harpsichord; Ann Marie Morgan, baroque cello; Deborah Fox, theorbo.
Correspondence with the ensemble revealed that the theorbo player, Istvan Gyori, created a performing edition of Serenata teatrale based on the Hamburg manuscript (10).
BEMF Artistic Directors Paul O'Dette and Stephen Stubbs are both lutenists, so the basso continuo throughout is rich and full, featuring harpsichord or organ, theorbo or Baroque guitar, and sometimes Baroque harp.
Work for theorbo "Micropiezas para una tierra prometida" to the book "Fragmentos de la tierra prometida" by Fernando Contreras Castro
It is with much interest that a music reader will learn how "Mersenne verified his observations 'very exactly more than a hundred times, on the viol and on a theorbo, as well as on two monochords'" (Pesic, 2014, p.
DiDonato, who looked like a Baroque rock star with her short, punk hairstyle and crimson Vivienne Westwood gown, was accompanied by Il Pomo d'Oro orchestra, a 16-member ensemble from Italy that plays period Baroque instruments including the harpsichord and theorbo, a type of lute.
The petit motets are intimate works that were usually for one, two, three, or, rarely, four voices (male, female, or mixed) with accompaniment of two violins, keyboard, and a bass stringed instrument like a cello, viola da gamba, and often a flute, theorbo or oboc.