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 (thē′ə-rīz′, thîr′īz)
v. the·o·rized, the·o·riz·ing, the·o·riz·es
To formulate theories or a theory; speculate.
To propose a theory about.

the′o·ri·za′tion (-ər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
the′o·riz′er n.
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Noun1.theorization - the production or use of theories
conjecture - reasoning that involves the formation of conclusions from incomplete evidence
ideology - imaginary or visionary theorization
generalisation, generalization, abstraction - the process of formulating general concepts by abstracting common properties of instances
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In both buyer-supplier relationships and NPD, the theorization and analyses of these phenomena have mostly been confined to a single level.
In fact, as we learn from his correspondences and critical writings, he tended to display a "putative lack of interest in prosodic debates" and viewed "prosodic theorization as a rather childish matter" (p.
The literatures which includes nationalist papers, and other materials dealing with communalist personhood, (as a community of being), Skeptic perspective (doubt if there is African personhood) and transition to systematic theorization, which combines individualism with universalism, are quite congruent and flow into the topic.
Consciente del problema que enfrenta, admite en su "Introduccion" la dificultad no solo de tematizar sino tambien de resumir o de teorizar la monumental obra de un poeta, "whose sprawling, dizzyingly varied oeuvre hardly seems to be the work of a single poet and defies every attempt at watertight summary or overreaching theorization.
Such a theorization provides a useful way of understanding and explaining the shifts in emphasis in knowledge and its character as made available through changes in patterns of schooling in Australia.
The symposium discusses 60 working papers that cover different themes, such as the Development of Islamic Jurisprudence, The Emergence of Theory and System, Jurisprudence of Theorization and Theory in the specific and general domain, The Emergency Circumstances Theory, The Urgency Theory, the Conservative Ibadhi Theory, The Priorities Theory, the Equality Theory, the Contracts and Jurisprudence Theory.
College Literature has also been a pioneer in reflecting on the fact that intellectual frameworks are embodied institutionally and as practice; that is, that our modes and methods of interpretation and theorization take place and are enabled by institutions and social forces that extend far beyond the 'literary.
However, further theorization could legitimately question the premises or even restate them.
A final essay by Fernando Segovia, "Poetics of Minority Biblical Criticism: Identification and Theorization," articulates a taxonomy of approaches for the poetics of minority biblical criticism.
writes cogently and persuasively and makes a valuable contribution to the theorization of hagiography as a literary genre, at once integrating his analysis of the lives of the saints within the broader discipline of literary theory and carefully distinguishing the unique characteristics of the hagiographic genre.
Her insight today that the mainstream feminist theorization of domestic violence continues to leave them voiceless is a particularly important one.
The study's innovative theorization of international norms as social hierarchies distinguishes Women and States as a work that can bridge conceptual gaps between academics and practitioners.