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1. theosophical.
2. theosophy.
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Speaking about the Christmas special menu, Gaurav Wadhwa, Head Chef, said, "This time, Theos is following the European style in its Christmas menu.
If you don't know how to get to the Doxa si o Theos meeting point in Pitsilia (which is located a few kilometers up from the Kyperounda village, on the road to the village of Spilia), or if you would just rather make the ride to the area a bit of a road trip with company, then the members of the group who wish to can meet at the Ayia Sophia church in Strovolos, Nicosia at 10.
For instance, not only spatial resolutions of IKONOS and THEOS images are different but also their spectral responsivity.
He asks when did "this boldness to call Jesus theos begin?
And finally the entry on theodicy: "From the Greek theos 'god' + dike 'judgment' or 'right.
Police spokesman Theos Badege said that three people were confirmed dead and 21 people had been taken to hospital.
Pendant pres de deux heures, l'ambiance etait dansante et intense: la qualite des musiciens (3 cuivres, un pianiste, deux guitaristes, un bassiste et un batteur), l'audace et la virtuosite des quatre voix solistes(Joniece Jamison, Tori Robinson, Ange Fandoh et Theos Allen) ont fait la difference dans une ambiance dans laquelle flottaient des parfums de la musique noire: jazz, blues et soul.
Theos Bernard, the White Lama: Tibet, Yoga, and American Religious Life.
Ingram (1995) expanded on this model in two significant ways: by adding a fifth ground, Theos (realm of spirituality), and by allowing for interaction between groundings.
The study by the public theology think-tank Theos and the Sports Think Tank, said too much emphasis is placed on the social benefits of sport, rather than promoting it for its own sake.
O quien no se ha asombrado con el extremo parecido de teotl 'dios' en nahuatl y el de theos 'dios' en griego?
We think there was only one grenade," Police Spokesman Theos Badege told Reuters at the scene of the blast.