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 (thâr-wĭth′, -wĭth′)
1. With that, this, or it.
2. Archaic Immediately thereafter.


(ˌðɛəˈwɪθ; -ˈwɪð) or


1. (Law) formal with or in addition to that
2. a less common word for thereupon1
3. archaic by means of or on account of that


(ˌðɛərˈwɪθ, -ˈwɪð)

1. with that.
2. in addition to that.
3. following upon that; thereupon.
[before 900]
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Adv.1.therewith - with that or this or it; "I have learned that whatever state I am, therewith to be content"- Phil.4:11


[ðɛəˈwɪθ] ADV (frm) → con eso, con lo mismo


adv (form)
(= with that)damit
(= thereupon)darauf
References in classic literature ?
You know, Andy, critturs will do such things;" and therewith Sam poked Andy in the side, in a highly suggestive manner.
And therewith he took his harness and went out at a window by a sheet down to the four knights, and then Sir Launcelot said on high, Turn you knights unto me, and leave your fighting with that knight.
Well has Solomon said--"Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.
The farmer having (as I suppose by their talk) received such an account of me as his servant could give him, took a piece of a small straw, about the size of a walking-staff, and therewith lifted up the lappets of my coat; which it seems he thought to be some kind of covering that nature had given me.
And Ethelred, who was by nature of a doughty heart, and who was now mighty withal, on account of the powerfulness of the wine which he had drunken, waited no longer to hold parley with the hermit, who, in sooth, was of an obstinate and maliceful turn, but, feeling the rain upon his shoulders, and fearing the rising of the tempest, uplifted his mace outright, and, with blows, made quickly room in the plankings of the door for his gauntleted hand; and now pulling therewith sturdily, he so cracked, and ripped, and tore all asunder, that the noise of the dry and hollow-sounding wood alarmed and reverberated throughout the forest.
And therewith, taking the lamp in his hand, he led the way down the long, draughty corridor to his laboratory.
If I made you that present it was that you might adorn yourself therewith.
But I don't like in the least," said he, and therewith he summoned the servant by a fresh pull of the bell-rope, and intimated a desire to have a glass of toast-and-water.
Deprived of ordinary resources, the analyst throws himself into the spirit of his opponent, identifies himself therewith, and not unfrequently sees thus, at a glance, the sole methods (sometime indeed absurdly simple ones) by which he may seduce into error or hurry into miscalculation.
They suffered many things ere they returned across the fields in a fly one Saturday night, nursing a two by two-and-a-half box of deeds and maps--lawful owners of Friars Pardon and the five decayed farms therewith.
Flour cakes of the best, twelve in number, two feet across and soaked in rum, shall be yours on the instant, and two hundred pounds weight of fresh-cut young sugar-cane therewith.
That little mind, keen as an icicle where tally of jewels was concerned, could not temper itself to enter another's soul; but a demon in Kim woke up and sang with joy as he put on the changing dresses, and changed speech and gesture therewith.