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Of or relating to a process using rapid, repetitive, high-amplitude acoustic waves to achieve separation of a pressurized gas mixture: a thermoacoustic condenser for use in refrigeration.
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Abdel-Rahman has not abandoned his own research pursuits as provost and professor, working with a team to enhance the performance of a newly developed 2 kW thermoacoustic power converter.
Contract award notice: Supply of medical materials for the Surgery Endoscopy Clinic, Endoscopic Surgery Department and Clinical Department of General Surgery together with the leasing of the thermoacoustic generator.
Carbon nanotube (CNT) speakers are a new type of non-moving, ultra-light-weight, flexible, and stretchable thin-film loudspeaker that produce sound with the thermoacoustic effect.
Kaunda, "Multi-objective optimization of the stack of a thermoacoustic engine using GAMS," Appl.
A third alternative discussed in this paper is based on thermoacoustic physics called Thermo Acoustic Converter (TAC) technology.
TOKYO -- Japanese researchers have developed a refrigerator that uses a thermoacoustic (TA) engine powered by waste heat to cool to temperatures as low as -107.
KISTLER has announced its new thermoacoustic pressure sensor will be shown for the first time in the UK on Stand D5 at the Sensors & Instrumentation Show at the end of September and says three years of development back the new thermoacoustic sensors (www.
98) And while we're talking about Ben & Jerry's they're working with Penn State University to create a thermoacoustic refrigeration prototype.
When imaged with photoacoustic microscopy (or general non-ionizing imaging such as optoacoustic or thermoacoustic microscopy) the nanoparticles serve as beacons highlighting cancerous regions, vital for diagnosis and treatment.
In the 1950s, Putnam (1971) established that thermoacoustic instabilities may occur if
A TAI model is developed and the thermoacoustic image for a 3-D breast phantom is obtained.