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Adj.1.thermodynamical - of or concerned with thermodynamics; "the thermodynamic limit"
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However, all the models based on telegraph type (electrical cable) theories do not take into account any other thermodynamical variables as well as possible mechanical effects [38].
Thermodynamical parameters calculated from DSC results of PNC films.
Schaller, 2016: Attribution of human-induced dynamical and thermodynamical contributions in extreme weather events.
Thermodynamical approach to the traveling salesman problem: An efficient simulation algorithm, doi:10.
the determination of mechanical and thermodynamical properties of uranium dioxide and other fuel materials,
In simple words, the precipitation of a solid form from a liquid is controlled by a balance or equilibrium between the thermodynamical driving force and the energy penalty for creating new solid-liquid surface interfaces.
Both zones are separated from each other by the flame front which is not considered as an additional, thermodynamical zone (see Figure 1).
Thermodynamical description of the ghost dark energy model, Int.
Study on the process, thermodynamical isotherm and mechanism of Cr (III) uptake by Spirulina platensis.
Possible physical and thermodynamical evidence for liquid water at the Phoenix landing site.
To this aim, we consider a modification of the standard simulated annealing (SA), a popular probabilistic method for global optimization based on thermodynamical principles.
Thermodynamical properties of Lennard-Jones molecules," Phys.

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