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vb (tr)
to form or shape using heat and pressure


(ˈθɜr məˌfɔrm)

to shape by the use of heat and pressure.
ther`mo•form′a•ble, adj.
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Tammy Sagastume, New Business Manager for Maryland Thermoform stated, "The company is best known for its light gauge thermoform packaging in the cosmetic, electronic, medical, food packaging, and retail markets.
There is no systematic study on the interaction of the effects of thermoform mold process conditions on polyvinylchloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE) double layer package materials in literature.
Those firms specialized in the design and building of thermoform tooling, sophisticated laboratory thermoforming machines, and large hydraulic die cutters.
Marbach, a German thermoform tooling specialist, continues to make strides in production of preprinted PP lids.
The thermoform process on our third-generation machines is much faster," says Illig's Albrecht.