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A landscape pattern formed by the melting of permafrost and characterized by patterns of hummocks and water-filled depressions.
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The completed maps will serve as a benchmark for researchers studying such features as glaciers and thermokarst -- depressions that develop in the landscape due to permafrost melting -- as well as the effects of wildfires.
On the other hand, glaciated and thermokarst landscape on the Plains has many depressions, and where these are filled with water, the frequent presence of lakes and wetlands reduces fluctuations in discharge, as indicated by the low DSI for the river that flows out of Lac La Martre.
Marino examines the notion of ecological vulnerability; detailed results of climate change as to weather, permafrost thaw, thermokarst ponds, freeze-up, and coastal erosion; a history of the island people and colonial development; the ultimate relocation of the entire community; and the ethics of climate change.
Only one site showed a slight decline in tall shrubs and another a decline in larch, largely due to flooding and thermokarst disturbances.
Methane discharge is typical of thermokarst lakes, where Alaska Blackfish are frequently found on the Chukchi Peninsula (Gudkov 1998) and in Interior Alaska (Blackett 1962).
O desenvolvimento da camada ativa e processos de thermokarst nestas areas sao determinados pelas condicoes climaticas no verao e pelo gelo superficial interconectado com agua superficial e subsuperficial, sendo a evolucao do permafrost nestes setores um sensivel indicador de mudancas climaticas recentes e modificacoes do ambiente.
Cory and her team studied 27 melting permafrost sites in Alaska and identified seven thermokarst failures, large patches of the Arctic tundra that have melted.
Shuchman (Michigan Tech Research Institute, Ann Arbor) and Josberger (USGS, Washington Water Science Center, Tacoma) report the results of diverse field and lab studies conducted by seasoned and new researchers on the glacier's surging dynamics; its hydrology; human history; and flora and fauna, including trees' unique thermokarst features indicative of the changing climate.
If the active layer of permafrost, which melts seasonally, reaches a certain depth, then thermokarst processes will accelerate [leading to an increase in lakes], and the permanent ancient ice, which is typically at a depth of around 40 metres in Yamal, will degrade and cause the landscape to erode very quickly,' says Romanenko.
rock fall activity in permafrost regions, increase of creep rates in icy sediments, formation of thermokarst, and instability of infrastructure].
Polygon-junction ponds are also common in this region of the Canadian Arctic and are the product of thermokarst processes, which are induced by changes in the thermal equilibrium of ice-rich sediments.
This feature may attest to a lengthy stagnant ice field on insular heights of glacial origin (Karukapp & Raukas 1994; Lundqvist & Wohlfarth 2001), resultant slope- and thermokarst processes, and burial of organic sediments under colluvium.