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The scorn which Momaya crowded into that single word would have done credit to a Thespian of the first magnitude.
And that this Aeolic speaking poet was a Boeotian of Ascra seems even more certain, since the tradition is never once disputed, insignificant though the place was, even before its destruction by the Thespians.
I don't want people to call me a legend or thespian.
The Merrillville Thespian Booster Club is calling to action local business leaders to support the Merrillville Drama Club with time and resources in support of the Merrillville High School Thespians.
The National Thespian Dramatic Honor Society for High Schools hosts its first National High School Drama Conference at Indiana University.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Veteran thespian Genco Erkal's new theater in ystanbul was inaugurated on Thursday evening with his newest play "YaE-amaya Dair -- Bursa Cezaevi'nden Mektuplar" (On Living -- Letters from Bursa Prison) -- the actor's stage adaptation of the work of 20th century poet Nazym Hikmet.
For Rokem, Plato is a paradigmatic ancient philosopher who embodies the thespian ideal.
Tomorrow night, the band Paul Thespian (lead vox / guitar), Jess Thespian (lead guitar / vox), Phill Thespian (bass) and Danny Thespian (drums) play Eric's on Mathew Street.
It describes four historical encounters between thespian-like philosophers and philosophically inclined thespians.
Whittaker has assembled a collection of texts that lives up to its playful title, Hot Thespian Action
They are Plato's Symposium and the ancient quarrel between philosophy and poetry, Hamlet as philosopher and thespian, the Nietzsche-Strindberg correspondence, and Walter Benjamin and Bertold Brecht discuss Franz Kafka.
Jackson Frost: A Holiday Fable With Music From Jacksons A-Z'' may not have the same thespian zing as some of the company's Shakespeare titles, but both signal the same glad tidings: the return of the Troubadour Theatre Company, aka the antidote to holiday boredom, aka the one Christmas show that should never, ever be bypassed.