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 (thĕt′ĭk, thē′tĭk) also thet·i·cal (thĕt′ĭ-kəl, thē′tĭ-)
1. Beginning with, constituting, or relating to the thesis in prosody.
2. Presented dogmatically; arbitrarily prescribed.

[Greek thetikos, from thetos, placed, from tithenai, to put; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]

thet′i·cal·ly adv.


1. (Poetry) (in classical prosody) of, bearing, or relating to a metrical stress
2. positive and arbitrary; prescriptive
[C17: from Greek thetikos, from thetos laid down, from tithenai to place]
ˈthetically adv


(ˈθɛt ɪk, ˈθi tɪk)

also thet′i•cal,

positive; dogmatic.
[1670–80; < Greek thetikós=thet(ós) placed, set (v. adj. of tithénai to put down) + -ikos -ic]
thet′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Further, it is by virtue of the body's extensivity and mechanical movement, or rather the way it is in and of the world, that we can have an intellectual and intuitive experience of reality as extended, namely in the form of memories as continual recordings of these experience, and a past as a springboard for my actions and corresponding thoughts and the ability to think reflectively or thetically under the form of extensive homogeneity.
In the year 2017, we are focusing on areas such as solar panels alongside product lines such as electrical switches that are aes- thetically designed and extremely high quality with our existing brand partners.
For example, Maurer said, she hypo thetically could have used "hard" drugs, such as meth or cocaine the weekend before the accident and KEZI likely would have been none the wiser because they clear out of the body faster.
Aes- thetically gratifying, fun-ctionally acceptable, cost effective, and with minimal overall morbidity from patient perspective.
The three attitudinal dimensions are indicated paren- thetically by notations below:
uk The Granary at Ettington is a thetically converted former farm family home, situated within a erties at Stanford Hall Farm.
episodes are thetically satisfying (to some) because they provide an
Alveolar ridges with severe atrophy can be reconstructed pros- thetically (fixed and removable) with less time compared to bone grafting procedures.
This reading suggests that the life spirit of sacramental poetics is not the simple description of "mystical experience" through a neo-Thomist theory of language, as Michael Schmidt claims for Jennings, (12) but rather, it suggests that that life spirit is desire itself, the drive of the human subject, male or female, to find subjective wholeness through and in the epicene and perfected imago dei--the regaining of the Edenic and choric unsayable that cannot be enunciated symbolically and thetically, but only drawn "down to the deepest wonder" in an attempt to find a perfect unity of the semiotic and symbolic self, "at the edge of some perpetual stream.
In the end, as suggested by Casado Velarde (1993), often the same proposition may be expressed thetically or categorically by the speaker, by choosing to initiate his/her message with a topic and then proceed with the focus information or by presenting the state of affairs as a compact event involving no obvious parts.
In which other less obvious cases was I distorting texts by treating them aes thetically to the exclusion of their cultural contexts?
In Transcendence of the Ego, he had argued that consciousness, while always thetically aware of its object, is typically non-thetically (or non-positionally) aware of itself, meaning that we are typically conscious of things and not of our being conscious of them.