thick skin

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Noun1.thick skin - skin that is very thick (as an elephant or rhinoceros)
pachyderm - any of various nonruminant hoofed mammals having very thick skin: elephant; rhinoceros; hippopotamus
cutis, skin, tegument - a natural protective body covering and site of the sense of touch; "your skin is the largest organ of your body"
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What the cause of the quarrel was, or what sharp sarcasm from the woman's lips pricked suddenly through that thick skin may never be known, but suddenly the man took his pipe in his left hand, leaned forward, and deliberately struck her across the face with his right.
I believe they're clinched on the under side of the Woozy's thick skin.
Some had not then attained a sufficient degree of maturity; and their thick skin covered a white but rather fibrous pulp.
Thick skin is, indeed, our moral clothes, and without it we are not fit to be seen about in civilized society.
A thick skin of new ice showed that it had not been used for some time.
Its body was covered with plates of thick skin which bore a striking resemblance to armor-plate.
I have thick skin - literally" Model Kelly Brook hits back at trolls who called her fat "I'm appalled at the glorification of killing wild and rare animals on this TV channel.
sellowiana present hard and thick skin, damage caused by another insect pest, Conotrachelus psidii Marshall (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), may have enabled fruit infestation by D.
WHEN asked what qualities are needed as a councillor, I always say the two most important are to have a thick skin and stamina because, boy, do you need these at times, as an opposition councillor.
But she claims it has now helped her to develop a thick skin when it comes to criticism.
Robert's thick skin has become so dinosaurdense that you just want to shout at him" - Actor Hugh Bonneville (pictured) on his character, Lord Robert, in Downton Abbey.
Unlike other foam products, Plei-Tech fillers are made for abusive applications and are molded with a thick skin around the outside, according to the manufacturer.