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adj. thick·er, thick·est
a. Relatively great in extent from one surface to the opposite, usually in the smallest solid dimension; not thin: a thick board.
b. Measuring a specified number of units in this dimension: two inches thick.
2. Heavy in form, build, or stature; thickset: a thick neck.
3. Having component parts in a close, crowded state or arrangement; dense: a thick forest.
4. Having or suggesting a heavy or viscous consistency: thick tomato sauce.
5. Having a great number; abounding: a room thick with flies.
6. Impenetrable by the eyes: a thick fog.
a. Hard to hear or understand, as from being husky or slurred: thick speech.
b. Very noticeable; pronounced: has a thick accent.
8. Informal Lacking mental agility; stupid.
9. Informal Very friendly; intimate: thick friends.
10. Informal Going beyond what is tolerable; excessive.
1. In a thick manner; deeply or heavily: Seashells lay thick on the beach.
2. In a close, compact state or arrangement; densely: Dozens of braids hung thick from the back of her head.
3. So as to be thick; thickly: Slice the bread thick for the best French toast.
1. The thickest part.
2. The most active or intense part: in the thick of the fighting.
thick and thin
Good and bad times: They remained friends through thick and thin.

[Middle English thicke, from Old English thicce; see tegu- in Indo-European roots.]

thick′ish adj.
thick′ly adv.


  • concave lens, convex lens - A concave lens is thinner at the center; a convex lens is thicker at the center.
  • plank, board - A plank is thicker than a board.
  • clotted cream - Cream made thicker and richer by cooking.
  • skin - The term for the thin, tight covering on carrots, potatoes, grapes, and peaches—but also the thicker covering of bananas and avocados.
References in classic literature ?
Then he tried to push through, but it grew thicker and thicker, and he was in despair.
Seat yourselves in the shade which the moon throws from yonder beech--'tis thicker than that of the pines--and let us wait for that which the Lord may choose to send next.
On the other side the yard windows were thrown up, and people were shouting all sorts of things; but I kept my eye fixed on the stable door, where the smoke poured out thicker than ever, and I could see flashes of red light; presently I heard above all the stir and din a loud, clear voice, which I knew was master's:
Living much out of doors, in the sun and wind, will no doubt produce a certain roughness of character--will cause a thicker cuticle to grow over some of the finer qualities of our nature, as on the face and hands, or as severe manual labor robs the hands of some of their delicacy of touch.
We took a walk down street, a block or two, and a place where four streets met and the principal shops were clustered, found the groups of men in the roadway thicker than ever--for this was the Exchange of Chamonix.
They were crossed behind, carried up to the front, and crossed again, the tapering ends finally brought down and hidden in the thicker part at the neck.
Her lovely light brown hair looked thicker and softer than ever, now that it had escaped from its imprisonment under the gray wig.
His hair and whiskers were blacker and thicker, looked at so near, than even I had given them credit for being.
Pocket when he was a head taller than that gentleman, and half a dozen heads thicker than most gentlemen.
The rain and darkness had got thicker, and he was glad of it; though it was awkward walking with both hands filled, so that it was as much as he could do to grasp his whip along with one of the bags.
You are such a solitary tree, Umslopogaas, but the topmost branches of him whom I serve are thicker than your trunk, and beneath his shadow live many woodcutters, who go out to lop those that would grow too high.
Locksley returned almost instantly with a willow wand about six feet in length, perfectly straight, and rather thicker than a man's thumb.