thigh boot

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Noun1.thigh boot - a very high bootthigh boot - a very high boot; used especially for fishing
boot - footwear that covers the whole foot and lower leg
waders - waterproof hip boots (sometimes extending to the chest) worn by anglers
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Many trials were conducted to produce a waterproof boot for prevention of trenchfoot, but Wood notes that most solutions were primitive or ineffective (rawhide), poor in quality (English shoes that fell apart), or impracticable (wooden boards strapped to boots) until a waterproof thigh boot was issued in 1915.
Dianne wore a striking striped dress teamed with black thigh boots, while Anthony kept it casual in a maroon quilted jacket for the occasion.
bOur products include Sexy Shoes, Stilettos, Thigh Boots, Burlesque, Wide-fitting, Dancer shoesand many more.
When I am nowhere near a ledge or knife covered In a corridor of fever-colored carpet or catching rain Bead upon the morning headlights hungering some crash To crack & blacken me before a train full of women With nose rings & thigh boots, the curved ass of a mother With her toddler & the rain still following the hills And shoulders of parts of Maryland & New Jersey, And the oncoming trains passing inches from head-on Headlong into Newark where I almost escaped this path, Before remembering the thrill coloring even today's Melancholy delay asleep, awake, the wild-haired woman Smiling on the stairs before fading, a song in the ear Like the broken phone booth I passed in the Village Beside a puddle of what could have been crushed tomatoes
Her off-duty wardrobe includes sprayed-on leather jeggings, leopard print tights, thigh boots and crop tops.
On the beach, of course, it could only be the iconic red swimsuit, while Hollywood Boulevard was treated to Barbed Wire thigh boots and a silver corset.
All that leather means OTKs can be pricey, so go faux and give an affordable pair, like Bonprix's Body Flirt Faux Suede Thigh Boots, PS39.
The workers all bundled up in oilskins, rubber thigh boots and layers of cable-stitched woollen jumpers seemed impervious to the freezing conditions, though closer examination revealed hands reddened and chapped from the long hours spent foraging through their icebound produce.
5 000 pairs of thigh boots entire staff of the national fire brigade.
The only thing outrageous about it was how bloody ridiculous she looked in those thigh boots that even stick-thin models can't wear without getting thunder thighs.
She also wears a series of Barbarella-style outfits and leather thigh boots in the video for the single from her Sasha Fierce album.
Predicted to be a big seller this season and costing pounds 1,445 were a pair of Louboutin black thigh boots, complete with trademark red soles.