Thin section

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a section or slice, as of mineral, animal, or vegetable substance, thin enough to be transparent, and used for study under the microscope.
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The Datta Formation of Early Jurassic age, in Nammal Gorge, Western Salt Range Northern Pakistan, is studied by means of thin-section as well as XRF analysis.
We reported two surgery-proven cases of CSF rhinorrhea examined by magnetic resonance (MR) cisternography (Siemens, Berlin, Germany) and skull base coronal thin-section computed tomography (CT) scan (Siemens, Berlin, Germany) before surgical treatment.
It is, however, not certain whether this was an artefact of thin-section preparation, beam-induced reduction of Mn in soil thin sections (i.
Smectite is the only common clay mineral with a refractive index below balsam, and because of this it appears spurious brown in thin-section (Folk 1974).
Reali-Slim thin-section bearings made by the Kaydon Corp.
New FS systems provide polyethylene fibers and thin-section materials with reportedly exceptional resistance to gas fade, excellent initial color, and a combination of long-term thermal and uv stability, in a phenolic-free stabilizer package.
He was instrumental in the development of a production process for thin-section ductile iron and the introduction of fracture toughness and dynamic tear testing to the malleable and ductile iron industries.
Some 16,00 mammograms and histologic sections illustrate the range of normal and abnormal breast tissue, and photomicrographs of large, thin-section pathology slides and subgross 3D pathology sections are correlated with mammographic images to explain why mammograms appear as they do.
A line of miniature thin-section turntable bearings, the Reali-Slim TT Series, is said to have several advantages.
The Reali-Slim TT Series is a line of miniature thin-section turntable beatings being introduced by this company.