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Adj.1.thin-shelled - of animals or plants that have a thin shell
shelled - of animals or fruits that have a shell
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Egg drop syndrome is a viral disease of birds, mainly chickens, ducks, geese and swans, which indicates the drop in egg production, and the disease results in thin-shelled or shell-less eggs.
They also noted particularly heavy predation on thin-shelled mussels (like P.
Carson reported that birds ingesting DDT tended to lay thin-shelled eggs which would in turn break prematurely in the nest, resulting in marked population declines.
Eggs (as a single word) are simply the oval, thin-shelled reproductive bodies of birds, especially those of a hen, used as food.
Each crab was offered thin-shelled mussels (Mytilus trossulus, 3040 mm) or thicker shelled native oysters (Ostrea lurida, 40,50 mm), and the number of consumed prey items was recorded.
Strange as it may seem, chickens love the taste of their own eggs and if a thin-shelled one gets accidentally broken in the house, there is a mad scramble to get to it.
In 1963, the population in the 48 contiguous states had dropped to an all-time low of 417 mating pairs because of hunting and heavy use of the pesticide DDT, which causes eagles to lay thin-shelled eggs that break in the nest.
With soaring arches and thin-shelled poured concrete, the building was created with a "mid-century modern style" and was considered an architectural and engineering marvel in its time.
Large, thin-shelled ginkgo seeds are edible, but not widely appreciated outside Asia.
Carson's work showed that eagles and ospreys, predatory species at the top of the food chain that were heavily exposed to bioaccumulated DDT, had suffered disruption of estrogen function such that they were producing thin-shelled, nonviable eggs.
Symptoms include sneezing, coughing and gasping for air; nasal discharge; greenish, watery diarrhea; depression, muscular tremors, drooping wings, twisting of the head or neck; drop in egg production and thin-shelled eggs, swelling around the eyes and neck or sudden death.
Other threats, such as contaminants from industrial and agricultural sources, are often unseen until they cause fish die-offs, malformed frogs, or thin-shelled eggs.