third stream

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Of, relating to, or being music that blends classical music with jazz.

third stream n.

third′ stream′

a style of music that incorporates both jazz and classical elements.
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The development of a third stream provides an extra source of air flow to improve propulsive efficiency and lower fuel burn, or to deliver additional air flow through the core for higher thrust and cooling air.
6) emphasizing Mingus's participation in the Third Stream movement of the 1950s, which sought to assimilate aspects of jazz and Western art music.
The author examines the music of jazz pianist John Lewis, arguing that his third stream style does not put him outside of orealo black music or mean that he abandoned African American culture.
In addition to catering for vets, we also have a third stream dedicated to vet nurses and theyll learn whats new for them in managing patients with urological conditions.
But what I know personally from my participatory observations is that this third stream is constituted by a wide range of ideologies, social, and political movements and a mass of non-politicised Egyptians.
on the edge of bebop & third stream, but to see & listen so
The adaptive cycle capability, combined with high pressure compressor improvements, advanced materials and cooling, and a third stream flow provide a generational leap in combat propulsion.
Russia's initiative on Syria's chemical weapons is highly important and was devised at a proper time," member of the political Bureau of 'the Third Stream for Syria' opposition group Sami Betanjani told FNA on Tuesday.
The next evening found us back at Symphony Space for the 40th anniversary of the New England Conservatory's Third Stream program.
And finally, the third stream is to surpass our limits by expanding our existing capabilities.
Among the topics are the contribution of economics to a science of science policy, the econometric evaluation of public policies for science and innovation, evaluating innovation policies with a case study of the impact of third stream funding in the English higher education sector, and policy reforms for venture capital in Europe.
His "Scherzo Eccentrico for Brass Quintet" was performed at the NewNowNorse Festival at the University of Northern Kentucky, and "Down By the Old Third Stream for Vibraphone and Bass" was done twice by the OK Percussion Duo in two locations in the Czech Republic.