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third class

Accommodations, as on a ship or train, that are of the third and usually lowest order of luxury and price.

third′-class′ adj.
third′ class′ adv.

third′ class′

1. the class, grade, or rank immediately below the second.
2. the least costly class of accommodations, as on trains. Compare tourist class.
3. (in the U.S. Postal Service) the class of mail consisting of merchandise weighing up to 16 ounces, and printed material not sealed against postal inspection.


of the lowest class or quality; inferior.


A. ADJde tercera clase (pej) → de tercera
B. ADV to travel third-classviajar en tercera
C. N (US) (Post) → tarifa f de impreso


[ˌθɜːdˈklɑːs] adjdi terza classe


(θəːd) noun
1. one of three equal parts.
2. (also adjective) the last of three (people, things etc); the next after the second.
in the third position. John came first in the race, and I came third.
ˈthirdly adverb
in the third place. Firstly, I haven't enough money; secondly, I'm too old; and thirdly it's raining.
ˌthird-ˈclass adjective, adverb
of or in the class next after or below the second.
third degree
a severe method of questioning people, sometimes using torture etc. The police gave him the third degree.
third party
a third person who is not directly involved in an action, contract etc. Was there a third party present when you and she agreed to the sale?
ˌthird-ˈrate adjective
of very bad quality. a third-rate performance.
the Third World
the developing countries, those not part of or aligned with the two main powers. the needs of the Third World.
References in classic literature ?
Some of the passengers by this particular train were returning from abroad; but the third-class carriages were the best filled, chiefly with insignificant persons of various occupations and degrees, picked up at the different stations nearer town.
When day dawned, two passengers in one of the third-class carriages found themselves opposite each other.
Last week he made all us third-class boys write a composishun on what kind of a wife we'd like to have and the girls on what kind of a husband.
Ernestine Wendermott travelled back to London in much discomfort, being the eleventh occupant of a third-class carriage in a particularly unpunctual and dilatory train.
He stood in a gigantic stone hall paved, it seemed, with the sheeted dead third-class passengers who had taken their tickets overnight and were sleeping in the waiting-rooms.
The lama jibbed at the open door of a crowded third-class carriage.
A convenient train whirled him up to town, alone and pondering deeply, in a third-class compartment.
The big man got out of a third-class compartment backward, with a bright tin can in his hand.
And here is an instance of it," I added, as the tiny local train drew up alongside the platform, and the porters bustled about, opening carriage-doors--one of them helping the poor old man to hoist himself into a third-class carriage, while another of them obsequiously conducted the lady and myself into a first-class.
According to him, Karachiites are being treated as third-class citizens in their own country.
This is about treating workers as first-class citizens, not third-class citizens," he said.
A total of 350 second-class police officers will be promoted to first class; 500 third-class police officers will be promoted to second class; 350 fourth-class police officers will be upgraded to third class; and hundreds of other officers will be promoted to fourth class.