third-class mail

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Noun1.third-class mail - mail consisting of printed matter qualifying for reduced postal rates
mail - the bags of letters and packages that are transported by the postal service
junk mail - third-class mail consisting of advertising and often addressed to `resident' or `occupant'
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He said that third-class mail is pulling in a lot of money for the service.
For example, while the first-class mail base rate is computed for 1 ounce, standard--or third-class mail (at almost half the cost)--lets you mail 3.
They have no racks and instead hand-deliver about 1,000 papers through business districts and mail the rest as third-class mail.
Since third-class mail takes an average of two and a half weeks to be delivered nationwide, make the deadline at least eight to 12 weeks from the mail drop date.
Yet because the USPS has a legal monopoly on first- and third-class mail, it is a federal crime for private firms to deliver such items for prices as low as the Postal Service.
Also, the United States Postal Service has the Private Express Statutes, which forbid competition in first-class and most third-class mail.
In a bizarre twist on the whole situation, the city of Bell is also where hundreds of misdirected Oscar ballots surfaced because they were being handled as third-class mail.
The post office grandly announced that the Academy and accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers had put the ballots in gray sacks, which indicate third-class mail (which is olden held for many days).
And while the Postal Service doesn't have a legal monopoly on second- and third-class mail, it does control a lion's share of those markets.
Traditionally, the post office has passed the burden to third-class mail or advertising mail.
The good thing about third-class mail is that it's cheap, making mass mailings affordable.
Mailers can save even more by doing some worksharing: the ZIP+4 nonpresorted rate results in a savings of $27/M over Third-Class mail.