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The property exhibited by certain gels of becoming fluid when stirred or shaken and returning to the semisolid state upon standing.

[Greek thixis, touch (from thinganein, thig-, to touch; see dheigh- in Indo-European roots) + -tropy.]

thix′o·trop′ic (thĭk′sə-trŏp′ĭk) adj.


(Chemistry) (of fluids and gels) having a viscosity that decreases when a stress is applied, as when stirred: thixotropic paints.
[C20: from Greek thixis the act of touching + -tropic]
thixotropy n
thixotrope n
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There are majorly four kinds of rheology profiles; newtonian, dilatant, pseudoplastic, and thixotropic.
The material's thixotropic properties enable it to dispense easily, avoid slumping on vertical surfaces during assembly, and--after curing--maintain its vertical stability, even after long use, the company adds.
The material's excellent thixotropic properties enable it to dispense easily, avoid slumping on vertical surfaces during assembly, and, after cure, maintain its vertical stability even after long use, according to the company.
Koerner summarized work being done to improve spray paint application by modifying the shear rheology of paint to be somewhat pseudoplastic and thixotropic.
There is a vast array of materials available--from magnetocaloric materials that change temperature when exposed to a magnetic field; to chemi-resisting materials that react to chemical vapours by changing their electrical conductivity; to photostrictive materials that generate strain upon exposure to light; to thixotropic materials that exhibit a time-dependent decrease in viscosity when subjected to shear forces.
It is non-toxic and thixotropic with adhesion suitable for metals, rubbers, GRP, wood, glass, ABS, PVC, PC and PMMA.
For the purpose of use in thin-walled constructions as layers of the adaptive composite materials changing their viscoelastic properties under magnetic field influence, we have developed compositions of materials which represent high-filled pastes containing as dispersed phase particles, sensitive to magnetic field influence, and the reinforcing particles forming thixotropic structural grid.
The HCPS mill is supplied with a Sidman Scraper for thixotropic materials and the Anchor Helix Scraper blade for heavier, tackier materials.
Certain desirable performance and thixotropic characteristics were designed into the formulations (e.
Researchers developed a prepackaged thixotropic grout (a gel that becomes fluid when disturbed) to provide a solution to the problem and prevent segregation.
DISPARLON[R] Thixotropic Agents 8c Surface Control Additives.
Another innovation it presented was shrinkage compensated thixotropic mortar for cortical restoration of concrete.