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 (tō′lə-īt′, thō′-)
Any of a series of igneous rocks similar in composition to basalt but having more silica and iron and less aluminum.

[After Tholei (Tholey), municipality in Saarland, Germany, where it is found.]

tho′lei·it·ic (-ĭt′ĭk) adj.


a type of igneous or volcanic rock found on the ocean floor that is rich in aluminium and similar to basalt
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They showed that the mafic volcanic rocks in the inferred younger package are within-plate tholeiite, and attributed them to a backarc basin associated with a volcanic arc of similar age in the Stirling belt of the now-adjacent Avalonian Mira terrane.
1982: Petrogenesis of the island arc tholeiite series of the South Sandwich Islands.
The lavas from West Valley are diverse chemically, ranging from alkalipoor olivine-hypersthene tholeiites to near nepheline-normative tholeiite at Southwest Seamount (Fig.
1989) Geological setting, petrology and geochemistry of Cambrian boninite and low-Ti tholeiite lavas in western Tasmania.
A large Early Mesozoic quartz tholeiite dyke has been mapped discontinuously for 190 km in southern coastal Maine, USA.
The sills are well differentiated and have a bulk composition of olivine tholeiite (Hriskevich 1968; Jambor 1971b); some gabbroic dikes are also present (Andrews et al.
The area lies in the upper extremity of Indian Plate in typical ophiolites mACopyrightlange zone of ocean floor slicing indicated by the presence of green schist as remnant of the pre-existing basalts and tholeiite and subordinate serpentinites of the ocean lithosphere (Haqqani and Ahmaduddin2006).
Although the geochemical data supported an ocean-floor tholeiite association, however, the higher concentrations of [K.
9f) most mafic rocks from all plutons plot in the continental tholeiite field.